Samsung Fingerprint Sensor Mobile Can Unlock Windows 10 PC

Now, this is one hell of shocking news! Using Samsung fingerprint sensor mobiles to unlock the Windows 10 PC? How is it possible? Yes, Samsung introduced the new Flow App on Android. You can use this app to move seamlessly among Samsung devices.

The app will soon get the ability to unlock the Windows PC. At present, the app can unlock the company’s Windows 10 Galaxy Tab Pro S 2 in 1 hybrid model. It just uses the fingerprint scanner on the phones, and soon the Windows 10 PC can be unlocked with the same feature.

Samsung and Microsoft are working together

Samsung finally confirmed that it is going to release the Samsung Flow app for all the Windows PC. You can get the app for all Samsung fingerprint sensor mobile devices. The Samsung Flow app will come after the Windows update. The Windows update will reportedly run from April 2017. Considering the timing of the update and Samsung Flow app, the developers will release the Windows update that will support this feature.

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Apart from unlocking the Windows PCs, the app will also be able to share content from their smartphone to the PC. The Samsung Flow is compared with Apple’s Continuity feature on iOS and OS X Yosemite. Both the apps offer the same functionality. The app aims to reduce the hassle for the users while switching between the devices.

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The work process of Flow App for Samsung Fingerprint sensor mobile

The Samsung Flow will also allow users to check any notifications and respond to them from PC. The Samsung fingerprint sensor mobiles will use the Bluetooth technology to show the device’s availability in Samsung Flow app. Then it uses the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth again (depends on whether the devices are on the same network) for allowing communications between the devices. All you have to do is just use the fingerprint sensor on you Samsung smartphone to unlock the Windows 10 tablet or PC.

Samsung was already using the [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]Windows Hello Companion Device Framework” for enabling the fingerprint to unlock. It looks like the company is expanding on what the latest update of Windows 10 will bring. A Samsung representative said, “Samsung Flow is compatible with TabPro S now. But it will support all Windows 10 PCs from Windows 10 next major update (estimated early April)[/quotes].

Microsoft has talked about using the Android and iOS smartphones for unlocking the Windows 10 PC. It looks like the company is finally ready to implement it. Microsoft is also testing PC unlocks with the Windows 10 Mobile Authenticator App. Let’s wait till the creators can bring smartphone unlocks for all the devices that are Bluetooth enabled. It will at least bring the Windows 10 OS to a similar level with Chrome OS.

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