Samsung Galaxy S7 And Samsung Galaxy S8 Complete Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched recently, and it comes with a lot of brand new mobile experiences like the bezel-less display, dual-edge Infinity Display, and the smart Assistant Bixby. The smartphone comes with the best features of the industry available till date. The 10nm chip enables high speed and efficiency. It is Gigabit LTE and Gigabit Wi-Fi ready. There are a lot of significant enhancements that the users will find interesting in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Display of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7

To speak of the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED Display in Quad HD with 2560*1440 resolutions. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 Infinity Display comes with 5.8 inches Super AMOLED display with Quad HD. But the resolution for Galaxy S8 is 2960*1440.

Battery, charging, camera and ports

On the battery backup, we have both Galaxy S7 and S8 at 3000mAh battery. For the Charging, both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 come with fast charging facility in wired or wireless condition. Galaxy S7 has got MicroUSB port while the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with USB Type-C port. The primary camera of both the S7 and S8 devices are 12MP with Smart OIS. But the Galaxy S7 has got 5MP selfie camera while the Galaxy S8 comes with 8MP selfie camera.

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Processor and Storage

The processor for Samsung Galaxy S7 is an Octa Core processor with 2.3 GHz Quad + 1.6 GHz Quad. It comes with a 64bit, 14nm processor. The Galaxy S8 also comes with Octa Core processor with 2.3 GHz Quad core + 1.7 GHz Quad core. The processor of Galaxy is 64 bit, 10nm processor. The Galaxy S7 comes with 4GB RAM and 32/64GB storage. While the Galaxy S8 comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. For both the phones you can expand the storage to 256GB with an external SD card.

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OS and other features

The OS for Galaxy S7 is Android 6.0 while the OS for Galaxy S8 is Android 7.0. The Network for Samsung Galaxy S7 is LTE Cat .9 and for Samsung Galaxy S8 is LTE Cat .16. You will only get fingerprint sensor in Samsung Galaxy S7. But you will get Iris scan, fingerprint sensor and Face scan facilities in Galaxy S8.

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