Samsung Galaxy S8 Might Bring Along its Own Artificial Intelligence

The Galaxy S8 is coming up to smash up the mobile phone scenario. It comes with a better performance than any other feature ever seen on the phone. Let us talk about the latest rumors about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 and its price UK. Also, the Samsung S8 specifications, code names, code numbers and other stories.

The Galaxy S7 is rated as one of the best phones by the people. So people are even more excited to see what the tech giant is going to bring to the table with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge. Here we take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date. Most of the tech news sites report that Samsung is working on its AI assistant. They call it ‘Bixby’ for the Galaxy S8. According to the wall street journal, the phone might feature a button along its side to give the floor to the assistant.

Home Button

The Galaxy S8 is also rumored to lose the Home button. Also, people suspect that the device would have a fingerprint scanner in the screen. This screen would not only be curved on the left and right but also at top and bottom. Following the Siri and the Google Assistant, Samsung is also thought to be developing its AI assistant.

Will this have an Edge model?

There has always been a rumor about the new phone being a Samsung Plus or Samsung Galaxy Edge. Most people take the side of the edge. A new report from  Korean Herald states that the company is sourcing 5.1- and 5.5in dual-edge screens.

“Samsung has considered that it would make the edge display as the identity of the Galaxy S smartphone lineup if the company can provide consumers differentiated user experience through software and user-friendly functions (for the curved screen),” said Koh Dong-jin, the head of the tech giant’s mobile business.

Code Names and Numbers

Samsung Mobile has suggested two code names for the Galaxy S8: Dream and Dream2. Also, it suggested two code numbers SM-G950 and SMG955. The reason to not expect the code numbers to be SM-G940 and SM-G945 after SM-G930(S7) and SM-G935(S7 edged) is Samsung’s tetraphobia.

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Tetraphobia is the fear of number 4 by associating with bad luck. Samsung had already done this when it assigned GT-I9300 to S3 but GT-I9500 to S4.

The Price

When S6 came up with a cost of a whopping £599, S7 got out at a lower price of £569. Now, Samsung could drop the price again. According to the estimation, the Galaxy S8 price would fall between £550 and £600.

The Release Date:

Samsung Galaxy S8 UK release date: 26 February 2017 (To Be Confirmed)
It is quite easy to foresee when the new phone will arrive. Taking a look at the launch date of previously launched Galaxy S phones, Galaxy S  – March 2010, Galaxy S2 – February 2011, Galaxy S3 – May 2012, Galaxy S4 – March 2013, Galaxy S5 – February 2014, Galaxy S6 – March 2015, Galaxy S7 – February 2016.

One can witness that Samsung finds the months of February and March favorable to launch the Galaxy S phone for that year. They, in general, show up in the market around 2-4 weeks after the launch.

Samsung has this rhythm because of Mobile World Congress. MWC is the phone and tablet-focused tech exhibition on the calendar. This is where Samsung unpacks the new devices in press conference each year.

WSJ also claims that the phone will be released in April 2017. This is two months later than expected. Most people suspect that this delay could be a consequence of more testing plans. Perhaps, because the company did not want to repeat the same mistake of Note 7. Samsung’s status has endured quite a hit due to its problems with the discontinued Note 7.

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