Samsung Galaxy S8 Biggest Leaks – Rumor

According to the recent leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks, we can bet that the design is just gorgeous. Samsung might bring you the best-designed phone till date, and it is officially confirmed. The company confirmed the presence of Galaxy S8 on the United States Patent and Trademark Office for registering the device.

Well, one thing that was tough to confirm was the name “Galaxy S8” itself. The reason was a lot of people expected Galaxy S7 successor to get the name Galaxy S8. But Samsung followed with Galaxy Note 5 in 2015 and Galaxy Note 7 in 2016. The point of this statement is, you cannot be entirely sure what the next version of a smartphone will be named.

A significant advantage of Samsung Galaxy S8

Some people also blame Microsoft for such number jumping factor. It leaped from Windows 8.0 to Windows 10. Another important factor is the new designs that Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to bring you. You will get the complete bezel-less displays. The bezels are reduced dramatically from both top and bottom. It will allow Samsung to fit into much larger screens within the smartphones. Still, the phones are not bigger than the size of Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. So that is a significant advantage you will get in Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Now, if Samsung does not return to the “three model release” strategy, both Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge will have a curved display. Sometimes the Edge displays do trigger accidental touches but both the models look fantastic.

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Reports also say that now Apple is going to copy this look of “all curve display” for the new iPhone that will come later this year. Now this will bring change to the perception that “Samsung always copies from Apple.” The reality we believe is, everyone is in competition and to bring something better than your competition sometimes you create something similar to your competitor. So we just cannot call them as a “copy.”

Now that finally, the release date for Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting closer, Samsung will have the opportunity in laying down the marker in 2017. With the eye-popping Galaxy Note 8, this year should be a boom in sales for Samsung.

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