Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Reveals New Additions In Design

Yes, there are countless leaks and rumors regarding the specs, design, and details about Samsung Galaxy S8. The primary factor that stands out in the design is very thin bezels and on the front. The phone already looks to be the best phone of 2017.

We are sorry to disappoint you, but two new shocking leaks might turn out as a deal breaker. The leaks are coming directly from Evan Blass (a.k.a @evleaks). So you can rest assured there is no reason to doubt this leak.

The first shocking leak of Samsung Galaxy S8

The first leak is extreme Samsung branding. If you have a look at the picture that Samsung Galaxy S8 has got, the screen size is not bigger than S7. The highlight of S8 was top and bottom bezels. It looks like Samsung will waste this screen space. The reason is, with less bezel, the Samsung logo is not present on the screen, but “on” the screen.

Like any other Samsung devices, the top 1/4th of the display is hard coded to display the SAMSUNG logo. Now, if this emerges to be the final design of the phone, then this is a ridiculous design introduced by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

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Here comes the second

The second leak is: yes, we know you are excited about the fingerprint scanner that Samsung will bring. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will not have any home button. The reason is super slim bezels do not have any space for it, and secondly this looks amazing. Also, LG is promoting this technology right from the start of 2016. Now, the leaks say, Samsung will place the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone.

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Well, a common practice is to put the fingerprint scanner where you can easily reach it. Instead, Blass tweets that; the fingerprint scanner will be on the top of the phone beside the rear camera. It is stupid. Not only because it is hard to reach, but also you will touch the camera lens every time, and you have to wipe the screen off if you don’t want blurry pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Images

Release date and price

Finally here are the launch details. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be revealed at the official event at New York on March 9. It will come on sale on April 21. The price of both the S8 and S8 plus will be €799 and €899 respectively. For more details on the specs and features, you can also have a look at out previous Samsung Galaxy S8 articles.

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