Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Station Will Accomplish That No iPhone Can

Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S8 phone and accessories next week. The accessories are specifically designed for the Samsung S series. Among the accessories, there is a device which Samsung has never made before. Samsung Galaxy S8 will bring a pocketable dock that will make your device into a full-fledged Android Computer. You can call it Galaxy S8 DeX Station. Well, this is something that iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 certainly cannot do.

The features of Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Station accessory

The device looks like a hockey puck, and it comes with a collapsible part. It reveals the docking port, and it doubles as a cooling fan. Samsung is going to prevent the over-heating issues with the Galaxy S8. Thus, the dock comes with a cooling solution.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Station will be able to power a 4K HD desktop with an HDMI connection. It supports video at 30fps, 2 USB 2.0 port connection, and 100 MB Ethernet port. It can charge the phone while doing all these. The dock will also support the adaptive Fast charging facility and the USB PD.

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The extra cooling feature will come in handy because the processor will deal with a lot of high-end functions.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Station will cost €149.99. Now, since this hardware from Samsung will turn the Galaxy S8 into a desktop replacement, it will be interesting to see how Samsung adapts with Android to make use of the bigger display.

Previous reports also claim the Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Station will work with a keyboard and mouse. The top half of the dock will flip open like a clam shell to place the phone. We will get more details when Samsung reveals the accessory on Galaxy S8 event on 29th March. There are few details to know like which apps it can access? Can it connect with other PC components like the external drives? We will let you know very soon.

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