Samsung Galaxy S8 Headphones Are Not Really Lovable

Samsung Galaxy S8 with USB-C port for headphones! Yes, it is not official, but there are chances of it. One of the major tech questions that Apple faced last year was whether it was going to keep the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus headphone jack or not. Apple got two options; either it could keep the Bluetooth and a lightning cable adapter, or it could keep the headphones. Well, we all know how that issue ended.

Apple had to say goodbye to 3.5mm headphones. Now, just when it appeared that we are aware almost every single detail about the Samsung Galaxy S8, here is something that no one imagined. Samsung is going to unveil a new pair of Galaxy S8 smartphone which is very much different from the past models.

Just like Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is known for having the wireless Airpods, Samsung too came up with the same facility. We are not sure about whether people will love it or not because the same move didn’t go too well with Apple. Also, Apple couldn’t fix the Bluetooth issues till now. You know about the USB-C port, right?

You can call it as a do everything port. It replaced the older ports on more and more devices and replaced the 3.5mm jacks. Since it is a digital connection, it can also bring the Lightning cable adapter. The Samsung Galaxy S8 might also come up with a USB-C port for charging. So it will automatically support the USB-C Headphones.

Is ditching the 3.5mm jack a good move for Samsung Galaxy S8?

Now, if you are using the port to listen to music, you cannot charge your phone. So we don’t think people will choose something pricier which doesn’t allow you to charge your phone while listening to music. Samsung has got a good market share because it sells a lot of phones at different prices. It is still the biggest selling Android smartphone all over the world. The other prime contenders like LG G6, Motorola, and HTC, still kept the 3.5mm jack.

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It is a good thing if Samsung sticks with the 3.5mm jack. Very few people enjoy using a dongle, and the USB-C earbuds are pricier too. And this feature also offers Samsung with an easy selling point when compared to iPhones. The headphone world is moving towards wireless and wearables. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is not stopping it.

In fact, Samsung is trying to be the first Android smartphone with Bluetooth 5. It will make easier for you to stream wireless audio to multiple headphones at once. Regardless of all this, Samsung might ditch the 3.5 jack in 2018. For now, Samsung is offering the option to adapt to USB-C port without banning the 3.5mm jack.

Here is a video link to check out the brilliant Galaxy S8 headphones which Samsung will bring to you. These are 3.5mm jack headphones with noise cancellation feature for the best sound quality. The Galaxy S8 headphones are made with anti-tangle metal fabric material. Do you think these new Galaxy S8 headphones will put Apple iPhone 7 headphones to shame?

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