Samsung Galaxy S8 Infinity Display And More Additional Features

In our previous articles, we stated a lot of leaks and details about the Samsung Galaxy S8. We are very close to the launch of Galaxy S8. The release dates are confirmed on 29th March and you can pre-order Galaxy S8 from April 10th. Now, there is one more feature about S8 released on 5th Feb 2017.

Samsung applied for the trademark of “infinity display.” It will use Samsung Galaxy infinity display in all the future smartphones of the company. Well, the documentation does not reveal much more details about the Galaxy S8 infinity display.

Competition for Samsung Galaxy S8 infinity display

It is not the first time we hear the term infinite display. The term is used for a phone’s edge to edge display. It is mainly used for the Super AMOLED display mobiles. The Guardian reported a few days ago that the Galaxy S8 infinity display would be larger.

LG already used a similar display for the LG G smartphone. In a very short video leak for Samsung, it is clear that this device will be very much different from any of the previous Samsung devices. It is a sleek looking device with thin bezels.

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The video shows Galaxy S8 from both front and back. The major details are visible in it like fingerprint sensor, rear facing a camera and the LED flash. On the front, it is a bit difficult to identify the bezels. We won’t bore you with the details and specs. For the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8, you can have a look at our previous articles.

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Samsung already started massive mass production

Samsung already started mass production of the Galaxy S8 devices. They confirmed the Galaxy S8 infinity display. The company is producing the device at their manufacturing unit in Vietnam. The company is producing more than 4.7 million units for the upcoming flagship device. After the release, it will also provide 7.8 million more units of Galaxy S8 in April.

So the company will manufacture a total of 12.5 million units by April 2017. But right not it is not clear how many will be 6.2 inches or how many 5.8 inches. Samsung will not limit the infinity display for the mobile devices only. The Samsung TVs might also come with similar displays.

The leaked video of Samsung Galaxy S8 infinity display is good to see, especially just before its release. But there is not much relevant information in the 6-second video. You can see the barcode and IMEI of the device and other few details we mentioned above. Now this information can track any device back to its source.

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