Samsung Galaxy S8 May Not Compete Apple iPhone 8

Well, we all are aware that the Galaxy S8 is just a few weeks away from its official revelation. So many leaks suggest different new features for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Once again a new report claims the Samsung Galaxy S8 may not be able to compete with its biggest rival iPhone 8. The reason is Samsung’s display will not have the fingerprint button.

Even before the rumors of Galaxy S8 screen came, we already knew iPhone 8 screens would have not the home button. Apple targeted to increase the function area. Thus, they removed the home button and placed the fingerprint sensor in place of the home button.

Change in fingerprint sensor placement of Samsung Galaxy S8

Apple promised not to reduce any features in its iPhone even if it increases the functional area in the display. Samsung took a similar approach, and it almost beat Apple in the design of displays. But as we are close to the revelation of Samsung Galaxy S8, it is now clear; the S8 won’t have fingerprint sensors.

Instead, Samsung will place the fingerprint sensor on the back, just next to the camera. Samsung partnered with Synaptics, but the company couldn’t make the technology complete in time. The project ran out of time. So Samsung had to settle for the mounting sensor on the back of the device.

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A lot of people don’t like the placement of the sensor next to the camera in Galaxy S8. The reason is, you have to reach the sensor with your finger on top of the phone. Thus, you will touch the camera multiple times. It can hamper the camera screen. The decision was a “last minute” one and thus it is so awkwardly placed.

Apple’s initiative for its fingerprint and iris scanning sensor

On the other hand, Apple is looking for solutions to implement the fingerprint sensor to any screen, not only the iPhones. The best part is, Apple is looking to use the fingerprint sensors without affecting any other functions of the display. It can display various UI elements when the phone is operating. Some reports also suggest Apple is preparing their touch screen without any outside help.

Right now, it is not clear what is the exact solution Apple will provide to unlock their device and use the Apple Pay. According to the statement of a local display official, it’s hard to develop transparent sensors which you can use in all smartphones. If Apple can develop such technology, it is a great innovation. Well, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will also come with the iris sensor and the advanced facial recognition technology. It will help users to unlock the device in 1/10th of a second. The iPhone 8 might also come with the iris-scanning technology of its own.

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