Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Have Finger Print Sensor Next To The Camera

So, fingerprint sensors are becoming popular these days. Even the mid-range mobile devices and brands are also considering implementing it. For most of the devices, the fingerprint sensor comes in the front, at the lower portion of the display. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will place the fingerprint sensor right beside the camera! Yes, it is true. Do you like the change? Samsung is focused on making the phone “bezel-less.” It will free up some bottom space, and the company will also remove the physical home button.

The problem with Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor

The problem lies with the placement of fingerprint sensor button. Few smartphones which have sensors on the back, those sensors are placed well below the camera. Thus, you can reach up comfortably, and the camera screen is not hampered. The Galaxy S8 has fingerprint sensor just on the right side of the camera. Chances are, you will touch the camera repeatedly, and it might ruin the camera screen for you. Well, you might also get used to it after using the phone for some time.

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You will get three colors for the Galaxy S8, the black sky, orchid gray, and arctic silver. One unique thing for this Samsung Galaxy S8 is, for any color of the above three, you will get the front of the phone as black. It is a smart choice, and it will keep your eyes off the tiny bezels at top and bottom. As we already mentioned in our previous article, the Galaxy S8 will go on sale from late April 2017. It is also going to be the first handset to come with Bixby smart assistant.

We are still a bit concerned about the touches for the fingerprint sensor and the general comfort. You might feel a bit of annoyed to use with the curved edges. Still, let’s see how you feel after using the phone. Do you think Samsung should place the fingerprint sensor right beside the camera? Or should it come to the front? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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