Samsung J3 Brings A New Technology Which You Would Have Not Imagined

Samsung India has finally announced Samsung Galaxy J3 with S Bike mode. It is the 1st dedicated feature for 2-wheeler riders. It is designed so that you have a tension free riding experience.

Main Highlight of J3

Once it is activated before the ride is started, any caller who tries to reach the user of Samsung Galaxy J3 would get a notification that the user is driving and cannot take calls.

All you need to do is switch on that S bike Mode before the ride is set off. The smartphone would do the work of informing the caller that the caller is riding the bike and isn’t able to answer the call. Then after pressing ‘1’ urgency to talk with the biker can be expressed. The biker can halt his bike for taking the call.

Constantly, Samsung is looking for new innovations which would improve the lives of the people in a better way and S bike mode is one of them. While studying the phone usage behavior of the customers, it was realized that incoming calls were a major distraction to the bikers. Samsung is happy that they have come up with something offering benefit to millions of 2-wheeler users and promoting riding.

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Update: Launched!

J3 is officially available in the United States from 15th May 2017. The phone is available at a price of $179.55 and it is listed on At&T. If you buy it from here, you can purchase it at this price and also avail monthly installments of $6.

The main attraction of this phone is that at this cheap price you can avail Android 7.0 Nougat update, which many high-end phones don’t have even now. apart from this you only have a 1.5GB  RAM coupled with a 16GB internal memory.

This version of J3 is slightly improved from its 2016 version. Therefore the hardware and specs have got an upgrade.


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