Samsung Introduces Robot Vacuum Compatible With Amazon Echo

Well, it is pretty clear that this year Samsung will not only focus on the smartphones. Yes, Galaxy S8 is till date this year’s most awaited smartphone. This time, Samsung has come with something new. It launched the Amazon Echo compatible Samsung robot vacuum. And the company has decided to launch it on this year’s CES 2017.

It is one of the best electronics companies at present. And the company created some hype by announcing this new electronics just before the CES 2017. It is the latest offering from Samsung which is called the robot vacuum. And it will have the Amazon Echo voice compatibility feature.

How does Samsung robot vacuum perform?

The domestic robots are one of the most important technical inventions for this year. Those robots come with speakers to control your home. The Samsung robot vacuum has got the similar functionality and features.

Right now we have few details about the specs and performance of the Samsung robot vacuum. The device is called PowerBot VR7000. It is in line with Neato Vacuum functionality. This feature debuted last month with certain commands like “Alexa, ask Neato to start cleaning” and “Alexa, ask Neato to pause cleaning.”

Powerbot VR7000 Robot Vacuum

Powerbot VR7000 Robot Vacuum

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The functionality is also identical to the rest of the company’s Wi-Fi connected PowerBots. The robot vacuum is almost similar in shape, but it is just a bit smaller in size than its previous version.

Special features

The device has got specialized functionality for offering close cleans against any walls or corners of your room. This feature is not available with any other devices. This Neato Vacuum facility is a tough competitor for the Wi-Fi enabled Roomba devices. This new PowerBot is remotely controlled with a smartphone app when Alexa is not there to control it.

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The Samsung robot vacuum is similar like Mayfield Robotics Kuri. It comes with the mobility and flexibility options. And since Alexa will manage it, the robot vacuum offers complete smart home cleaning facility.

The target of Samsung

Samsung has focused on creating something that is optimally efficient, functional and also approachable so that the users can trust in it. It is designed to be its robot, and this is what makes it much more than just a smart home gadget. It is more like an individual following your orders.

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The device will have an HD camera to check out for dirt and dust at every corner of your house. The team of Samsung robot vacuum is focusing on creating a satisfying experience the moment you unpack the device. It is a good strategy, and hopefully, it will have a broad appeal at the launch.

While Samsung robot vacuum is only able to clean and clear your house, the Mayfield Robotics Kuri will also launch at the CES 2017. It is a complete domestic bot that can do almost any work.

So it will offer a touch competitor to Samsung robot vacuum. You will know the price and availability date after the launch of this device at CES 2017.

Powerbot VR7000 Robot Vacuum

Powerbot VR7000 Robot Vacuum

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