Samsung Sets Principles To Recycle Galaxy Note 7 Devices

Samsung has established strict principles to recycle their Galaxy Note 7 devices. This move would help conserve the environment. Galaxy Note 7 has already completed its life cycle. Some rumors suggested that it would make an entry as a refurbished phone. But now not only does Samsung have a plan to recycle them, but they are planning to do so in three set principles.

What are the principles?

First: The devices will be considered for refurbishment or as rental phones “where applicable.”

Second: some of the components of the device, which are safe to use, shall be detached and reused.

Third: Metal extraction will help retrieve much of the phone. This shall be done in an environmentally friendly manner.

The company has not mentioned where in the state these phones would go for sale. But it is most likely to go for sale in the developing markets. The sale in each region would “dependent upon consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers as well as due consideration of local demand.”

Note 7 Uproar

All of this is in response to the protests that happened recently. In September 2016, a battery issue was reported in the Galaxy Note 7. The phone was getting heated up excessively and causing explosions. Due to this Samsung suspended the sales of the newly released Note 7 units. Millions of discontinued Samsung Galaxy phones were disposed of in the bins. The disposal method created an e-wastage issue.

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Samsung was questioned for its usage of the millions of unused Galaxy Note 7 units. Things worsened for Samsung when after a few months its Chinese manufacturing facility in Tianjin suffered a fire. Greenpeace stepped in and called Samsung out for mishandling the defective smartphones and for failing to have a recycling plan.

In response to that, Samsung laid out the three plans which they are going to adopt to refurbish and recycle their Galaxy Note 7 units.

The interesting part here is the timing of this announcement which comes before the release of Galaxy S8 and S8+. The company has a lot of stake riding on these two phones. They cannot afford any more uncertainty during the launch of these two phones. Their reputation is at stake.

Changing the plans, a such a short notice also ensures that the company gets a good rep. And the environmental NGOs also do not have adequate time to look into the details of their plan. Therefore they cannot criticize the company’s future take or its lack thereof.

At the end of the day we are glad that the company is not simply ditching Note 7 phones in a landfill. Recycling opportunities will yield the company both economic benefit as well as good will among share holders.

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