Samsung Revealed The First Stretchable OLED Screen

In our previous articles, we already mentioned how Samsung is planning to bring the foldable display into the smartphone world. Finally, it seems to come true. Samsung displays showcased their first OLED screen at the US conference happened on 23rd May. The tech giant will launch the 9.1 inches stretchable organic OLED display panel.

The LA Convention Center is running Society for Information Display 2017 from Tuesday to Thursday (23rd to 25th May). The stretchable displays are next-gen displays. These displays incorporate both curved and rollable displays. The next gen Samsung displays will be the most advanced displays available at present.

The different forms of Samsung displays

There is a difference between the curved displays and OLED displays. You can only transform one side of the curved displays. Incase of the stretchable displays, you can curve them, bend them or roll them in both sides right from above and below. According to Samsung stretchable displays, when you press the display, it will move 12mm in a direction and then stay at that position when you release. This feature will prevent smartphones from cracks. You can expand them and shrink them depending on the situation.

We are still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphones. It was scheduled to release another variant of the Galaxy smartphone this year with a foldable display. The company is going to reveal different gadget. It is a 1.96 inch UHD display. It has got a display resolution of 2250 ppi, and it is very useful for the VR. After Samsung launches the stretchable displays, this will be the first of its kind in the market.

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The other ventures of Samsung

Apart from the foldable display, the company also filed a patent which revealed the company’s plans in making a 3 in 1 foldable device. They are planning to implement this 3 in 1 foldable display into smartphones, watches, and tablet. Also, you need to know, Samsung is not the only manufacturer who is experimenting with the foldable displays.

LG is also working on the foldable displays. They also commercialised the foldable display technology for televisions. On the other hand, Lenovo is also working on smartphone and tablet prototypes with a foldable display. You can wear the foldable display smartphones like a wristband. You can fold the tablet and use it as a large sized smartphone.

According to estimation, the global market for flexible displays in smartphones will collect $15.7 billion by 2020. Samsung is also working on the 3D OLED displays. They will use this technology for 3D games and VR where the display will show objects according to the position of viewers.

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