Samsung Ties Up With Imint For Video Stabilisation Like Huawei Mate 9

Well, we all know that Samsung has got one of the best cameras among all the mobile devices available in the market. Thus, Samsung has joined hands with a Sweden-based Software Company called Imint. With the collaboration of this Company, Samsung will create a whole new product.

They will work together to create the tweaks on the Vidhance software product for Samsung’s use. Vidhance is a software developed by Imint. The software offers several different functionalities.

Vidhance’s functions include video Stabilisation feature, the Live Auto Zoom and the Auto Curate facility. According to the press report of Reuters, “The agreement involves an adaptation of Imint’s software Vidhance to a new product that is not a smartphone.

According to the Software Company, the product will launch during the spring time of 2017. The agreement also offers Samsung with the full rights to this newly created software. The press note also adds that “this project is divided into phases and the customer has complete right to put the project on hold before every phase”.

Most important features of Vidhance from Imint

There are three main features of this software product. One of them is the Video Stabilization. It helps a video to become stable and removes any wobble. The feature is helpful while shooting video from the smartphone.

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Sometimes even if you hold your smartphones correctly, there are some wobbles in a video. Another feature, the Auto Zoom will help in smoothly recording the video with zoom. Users just need to select a target and Vidhance will do the remaining. And finally, the Auto Curate feature comes into action. With the Auto Curate function, you can edit any video from your smartphone.

Porche Design Huawei Mate 9, launched last year, had the similar video stabilisation feature. According to the statements of Imint CEO, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]We are very proud to get this confidence from one of the world’s leading companies in consumer electronics. Although the value of the order is not significant, so it gives us a chance to show our capabilities both regarding the potential of technology and the way we handle customer projects.[/quotes]

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