Samsung Trademarks The Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone In South Korea

Well, we know that Samsung is busy with the ongoing MWC 2017. Still, the company seems to move forward with plans for developing new smartphones for their users. Samsung trademarked an application on 24th February. Samsung Galaxy X is going to be the first foldable smartphone.

It is trademarked in South Korea. There were a lot of rumors about the Samsung foldable smartphones. Now, finally, it seems to be real. It will launch in the market soon. The trademark does not reveal much about the Galaxy X smartphone. Looks like, the company is doing a great job of keeping things secret. There are certain rumors about the Galaxy X though.

Speculations related to Samsung Galaxy X

The display of Samsung Galaxy X might come in 5 inches. There are very fewer chances that we can see this device before the end of 2018. Samsung is looking to offer a reliable foldable smartphone. There are chances that Samsung might show one or two foldable devices behind closed doors in the MWC 2017.

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Only few business partners of Samsung might see the actual foldable device prototype. All these are total assumptions. But it is also true that LG is planning to launch a foldable smartphone. You can fold the display of LG into a half. Technically it is also a foldable display device. If Samsung cannot bring the Galaxy X before LG into the smartphone market, then Samsung might not be the first foldable smartphone maker.

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Samsung’s competitors

Even Oppo is not far behind. Oppo showed a prototype of the foldable phone in which you can fold the display in half. The product seems to be a bit heavy, but the final product might be lighter or thinner. Apple also patented for the foldable display. Samsung filed their trademark at KIPRIS. It is the headquarters of intellectual property in South Korea.

Samsung already had phones with flexible displays, but these devices are fixed in shape and design. So, frankly speaking, they are not flexible enough where you can fold/unfold it. With Samsung Galaxy X, we think you can do that, and this is what makes the phone so attractive. Some are also of the opinion that we could see the Samsung Galaxy X in the third quarter of 2017.

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