Santosh Hulawale – The birth giver of India’s tallest robot INDRO

Santosh Hulawale (35) took nine years to accumulate the most recent humanoid which stands 6.5 feet tall and 55 kilograms by weight. I made my first robot at 11 and after that another at 13. “My dad dependably felt that I was squandering time and requesting to study and focus on scholastics” he said but his father must be proud of him now.

“I began overseeing it in 2007. I fizzled twice in 2008 and 2012 and the disappointment decreased me to tears, as I had contributed a colossal measure of diligent work and exchange out the try. I work a little time PC business and every one of the favorable circumstances earned were occupied towards making INDRO. Along these lines, I’ve spent Rs 20 lakh on working up its rigging and programming,” said Santosh.

India's tallest robot INDRO

India’s tallest robot INDRO

Posting the foul materials he used to manufacture the humanoid, Santosh said he utilized aluminum, wood, steel, vinyl, plastic, cardboard, fabric, and so forth. “I have 16 models at the most astounding purpose of the need once-over and need to make robots to help the injured, battle fire, and so on. At present, INDRO can without a ton of a stretch lift objects weighing up to 150 kg,” he included.

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Conveying that he now needs to gather instigated level humanoids, Santosh said his present believed is astoundingly key. “The robot is being worked utilizing a control board and a joystick, much like a remote-controlled toy auto however with forefront highlights. I had constrained funds and anticipated that would do everything alone. For my next errand, I have thoughts for an instigated humanoid. All I have to make a mockery of my vision are assets and a couple help” he said with a glitter of confidence in his eyes.

Never in the slightest degree like his dad, Santosh’s mom Kavita upheld him through the highs and lows he encountered in the most recent nine years. “He would spend up to 15 hours a day taking a shot at his robot. He would scarcely meander out of the room, which took after a mix of a science lab and a gifted laborer’s workshop. My life accomplice was a mechanical office specialist and science was never some tea. Be that as it may, I generally put stock in my tyke,” she said.

In the wake of perceiving how vivacious he was about the attempt, I prepared him to proceed with it. He began developing INDRO in March 2015 and completed it this May 2016.

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