Scala and Python comparison

Suddenly there is a lot of buzz in Computer Industry about Scala and Python. Both languages are performing amazingly in various fields, such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Web- development, etc.

Scala is an object-oriented (OOP) and Functional Programming Language. It comes with some modern language features while maintaining close compatibility with Java. On the other hand, Python is an object-oriented (OOP) and less functional programming language. It comes with some advanced language features while maintaining close compatibility with C/C++.

But which one should you choose?

1) Which Ecosystem do you want to take advantage of?
If you want to leverage with Java ecosystem, then go for Scala. Python has a huge community support. There are more libraries available for Python when compared to Scala. Check out GitHub repositories, compare syntaxes figure out which language will suit your project.

2) Looking for a developer job?
As a Scala developer, you already have familiarized with Java ecosystem. It is easier to get a job as a Java developer than as a python developer.

3) Performance Scala and Python?
Scala runs on JVM, and it is reasonably faster than Python in most of the cases. C language was used to write libraries in Python. So it also depends on which library are you using.

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4) Typing Opinion?
Python uses a dynamic writing style. With the release of Python 3, they have added supports for type declaration, but there is no enforcement. These statements are available for a secondary type checker to look over your code for any possible type of violations.
Whereas, Scala is just the opposite of Python. It has both Static and Dynamic typing style. It can infer types where possible.

5) Programming Paradigm?
Both Scala and Python support Object Oriented Programming, though Scala might have the edge over python as it depends on JVM and Java ecosystem. Python codes need not be in OOP all the time; you can write codes as a scripting language too. Scala has lot better support in Functional Programming when compared to Python. Python focuses on readability much more, but Scala isn’t too much behind.

Summing up, TNI says if you are a beginner start with [highlight] Python [/highlight] . It is much easier to learn. Don’t learn libraries until you need them for your code; libraries become obsolete in no time. But choosing language is a subjective matter.

Scala vs Python for Apache Spark

Scala vs Python for Apache Spark

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