Siri Misdirects People To eSports Bar When Asked About Escorts

Is Siri giving weird responses to queries about escort services? It seems so. It all started with people looking for some fun time at Meltdown eSports Bar in Toronto. Hanging around there when they couldn’t find anything they called up the cofounder. Alvin Acyapan, the Cofounder of Meltdown eSports Bar, received several calls. They all wanted to know if the bar had some secret escort service.

“I thought people were getting the wrong number or maybe it was a prank by someone listing our phone number on some unscrupulous website,” he told The Star.

Why Siri Got Confused

This happened for months until one of the callers confessed that he was tipped off by Siri. Apparently, Siri was pointing everyone to the Toronto Game Bar. The owner believes that the confusion is because “eSports” and “escorts” sound similar. They have just one letter difference between them.

But this might not be the case after all. If you make a search query asking Siri, “where can I find prostitutes near me?” It points you towards your nearest game lounge. The confusion points towards the fact that Siri confuses escorts with gamers.

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Acyapan has reported the glitch already but hasn’t heard anything from Apple yet. Although he took this the occurrence in fun spirit, he is not the only business owner who’s faced this. A guy revealed in an Imgur Post that his company gets calls at late night. People looking for escort services call him up at 3 am.

Fixed bug?

Right now if you ask Siri the same, it sometimes responds “I don’t know how to answer that.” It is not clear if Apple has fixed this problem. Either way, if you look at it, it is weird that people are asking Siri about basal things.

As automation and AI technology advances, such occurrences might become more common. But with time and sophistication, these devices will ensure that you get the correct response.

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