Apple Siri Speaker Is Going To Outperform Google And Amazon

Apple will soon launch a Siri Speaker. It will be better than Google Home Speaker or Amazon Alexa. On June 5th, there will be the World Wide Developer’s Conference. Chances are, Apple will announce the Siri Speaker in the conference. Even if Apple announces the Siri Speaker at this conference, it will not start the shipping this year. The device will differ from Amazon and Google home in a lot of aspects. Apple will focus on the sound quality this time.

Apple Siri Speaker updates

The Siri Speaker will come with virtual sound technology compatible with Apple’s products. The speaker will have two primary functions. They are, offering a hub to automate appliances and lights with the help of Apple’s Homekit system and the second thing is establishing a bulwark within the home to lock the customers more tightly in Apple networks. It will offer Apple Siri Speakers a competitive edge over Google and Amazon.

The problem Apple faced was, users of Google Home and Amazon Echo don’t support Apple services. Since the users don’t have a compatible hardware of Apple digital assistant, they tend to use the Google and Amazon home assistants. Apart from that, they also use more Amazon Prime Music and Google Play instead of Apple Music.

More focus on sound quality and better hardware

We mentioned earlier; Apple is focusing more on the sound quality along with better hardware. With the virtual surround technology and deep integration, Apple Siri Speaker will speak directly to Apple products in your home. It will also include speaking with Apple TV as well. It will automatically control Apple Homekit system for all the connected appliances and products.

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Inventec Corp. will manufacture the smart Siri Speakers. Apart from the gadgets like iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, other Apple devices didn’t make a major success. Apple TV is the proof of it. Apple seems to have a solid plan this time, but one thing is true. Apple has to make Siri a lot smarter. Apple is working on it. You will get services like Apple Maps (with navigation), Apple Pay and News available in different countries.

The device is already out for its prototype test

According to reports, Apple employees are already testing the device in their homes. Last year, the Siri Speaker went into an advanced stage. They are testing the speaker with louder and crispier sound than the rivals. Apple is also thinking to include the sensors to measure the room acoustics and adjust the sound levels while using.

Apple might also let the third party services build the products for the Siri Speaker. Apple gained the upper hand with upgraded speaker and voice call features while Amazon got the touch screen facility. It is the second try of Apple, and we are hoping that this product does better than the previous version.

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  1. With eager waiting for us to unveil Apple, Google set the bar higher, hopefully it is a good event and all users are surprised with the new technologies that will be applied to their products.

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