Sit at home and feel like a Food Connoisseur with TGFC

In a time where everybody wants everything at their fingertips, it’s hard to enjoy good food. As kids, we have our mothers to feed us with good nutritious food. Growing up and getting into work life changes our routine, food habits entirely. To change this whole paradigm and make sure people experience good fresh food, sitting at home by ordering food online The Gourmet Food Co (TGFC) was started by Shriyanka Hore.

She had this epiphany when she was pregnant. That was the time she understood the role healthy, and tasty food played in maintaining a lifestyle. By ordering food from home chefs, she also realized the potential of monetizing them.
‘Maternity is a creative phase where you are looking for a new beginning, thinking afresh, willing to take on a next phase in life with little inhibition and most importantly making conscious amends to your lifestyle. This is very akin to the leap one needs to take into entrepreneurship.’ says 33-year-old Shriyanka.

Birth of TGFC

It was in February 2016, that The Gourmet Food Co (TGFC) finally saw inception. Herself, her husband Anchal Tiwari, and her friends, Meghana Gune Patra and Madhusudan Patra became the founders of TGFC. Her husband planned on the whole business model with respect to the food while her friends built the logistics and revenue model.

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They used the talent of the home chefs and used that to create a menu and put it up on their website. TGFC have also put together offered different categories to choose from after much scrutiny. They always cook fresh batch of food and only when there is an order.
As it is a Gourmet based food experience offering, their menu consist of items like Eclairs Coffee, Ayuvedic Herbal tea, different breads, cocktail starters, cookies, exotic pickles etc. Thus, it is not a place where you get normal food, but exclusively for the people who want to indulge their taste buds in something special according to the occasion or craving.

TGFC has employees all over Mumbai right now and they deliver food within 48 hours of the order. They also accept orders from all over the country which they deliver with 4-7 budiness days. The team consists of over 10 home chefs and has more than 100 products on the website. All scrutinized, tasted and approved food experiments. “We now have over 500 carefully chosen and tested products listed online. On an average, we have more than 300 new customers per month, with a lot of them being repeat customers. We became operationally profitable close to the 100-day mark and recovered our initial investments.” says Shriyanka about the company.

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