Skype Facing Connectivity Problems In Europe And Other Countries

Today early morning (19 June 2017) Skype users were not able to connect properly to other users. Many took to Twitter to tweet about the same using the #SkypeDown. The exact reason for the connectivity is yet not clear. Some users mentioned that it is being hacked:

We are still unaware of the problem and not confirming that Skype is hacked or it is an internal problem or Microsoft servers are down. But the connectivity issue is there for sure. Skype Support acknowledge the same on Twitter:

It was officially mentioned on Skype support website too. At the time of writing, this news article Skype updated that the issue is resolved. We are still yet to confirm whether the Skype issue is resolved or not but Microsoft confirms the same.

Many Skype users took to Reddit and reported the same problem. Few users mentioned that the Skype connectivity problem is due to change in peer-to-peer network Skype initially used which Microsoft changed after it took over Skype.

We would like to tell our visitors that still the real cause and reasons are not known, why it was down. There is an official announcement by Microsoft on Skype website that the connectivity issue is resolved. As soon as we get to know the exact cause and reason for the Skype Down time we will update our visitors.

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GMT:7:48 AM Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The connectivity problem started again. Microsoft confirmed that users are still facing the problem and they are working to resolve it. When asked for the reason behind the problem, Skype Support replied that they cannot disclose till the issue is resolved.

The Skype Support twitter handler even made fun that they had locked their engineers in a room until they fixed the problem.

GMT:10:04 AM Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The problem is now being faced by users from Asia and South America. But the issue is majorly faced by users in Europe as per

We already tried to reach Skype before our last update but didn’t hear from them. Hoping that the issue will be resolved soon and users will be able to perform their work.

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