The Smart Jacket From Google And Levi’s Will Come At A Price Of $350

For the last two years, Google was working on technology to create the smart clothing. They tried to weave electronics into fabric. Finally, Google and Levi’s announced their first commercial product together. It is a smart jacket, and it’s a part of the Project Jacquard.

It is not just a jacket with fabric and design. The first smart jacket is ready to launch. The smart jacket is also called as the Computer Trucker jacket. It will come in both men’s and women’s sizes. It will come at a price $350. Here are the cool features of this smart jacket.

Battery and features of Smart Jacket

The left sleeve of this Google jacket will come with a capacitive touchpad. You can control by swiping across it or just tap on it. It also comes with a smartphone app that will allow you with certain features. You can double tap to start your music, and a swipe can tell you the time. A small rechargeable “tag” powers the touchpad. The tags are present inside the sleeves. The battery on that tag will last for two days. Project manager Ivan Poupyrev says they are looking to increase the battery life for several days.

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The primary component of this Jacquard smart jacket is a unique fabric which has a conductive thread. A great feature of this conductive thread is, you can incorporate this yarn within any fabric. The long-term goal is making a lot of smart clothing. With naked eyes, you cannot figure out any difference between the materials of the clothes. Clothing makers can make the electronics part completely invisible if they want.

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Soon this jacket will get third party apps

Google is still working on how to include the third party app developers will come into it. So, for now, the jacket is mainly controlling the core features of the smartphone. The features include starting or stopping the music, reading text messages, answering the phone or using Google services like Maps and the Calendar. Till now, the Google smart jacket will not work with iPhones. It will work for Android devices only. Once the 3rd party app developers can access it, the smart jacket might also work for iPhones as well.

The jacket is the first innovation as a commercial product from Google’s Advanced Technology and Project (ATAP). The functions of this smart jacket are just like operating a smartwatch. But, this one is much more stylish and less obtrusive. The news of its release was first announced at, Google I/O developer conference in May last year. It will release in Spring 2017.

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