Paris-Based Social Eating Platform, VizEat Acquires US-Based EatWith And You’d Love To Know About The Services It Offers

Are you a traveler at heart? How many countries have you visited in the past? How many times have you been in a foreign country and had a pleasure to dine out with the locals and other travelers sharing thoughts on a roundtable? I doubt, hardly any. Isn’t it? Well, there are two enterprises, a Paris based company, VizEat, and a US based startup Eatwith serving as social eating platforms connecting travelers and neighborhood hosts close to authentic food encounters such as eating in a local’s house, food tours, and cooking lessons.

VizEat acquires EatWith

This seems quite incredible as you can have people from all around the world to talk to on a dinner table. However, the story is that EatWith, the San Francisco based community eating platform has been acquired by the Paris giant, VizEat. Yes, VizEat acquires US Based EatWith.

VizEat acquires EatWith

People eating at EatWith (image source)

With this acquisition, VizEat has positioned itself as the world leader of sharing economy in the food and travel sector. Founded in 2014, VizEat has exhibited a meteoric rise in the three years of its operation from 50 hosts to over 25,000 in 130 countries it serves in.

EatWith was started in 2012 and was backed with an investment of USD 8 million from various venture capitalist firms including Greylock Associates. The platform has a significant presence in the US, Europe and Israel and aims to deliver authentic dining experiences at locals’ homes.

Input from the team

The deal has been made, but the terms remain undisclosed. As per a TechCrunch report, a spokesperson from the startup reportedly said, “As a policy, we don’t disclose deal terms.” He further added,

VizEat will be acquiring as an entire entity (including website and current ongoing activity) to expand its global offering of immersive food experiences with locals. EatWith hosts will also be given access to the wider offering for the group’s global partners with the tourism and travel industry, both online and traditional.

This acquisition strategy will broaden VizEat’s global offering. The startup will now be able to serve a verity of foods to its guest through EatWith’s infrastructure and presence. In addition to this, it will reach out to its global partners within the Tourism & Travel industry, both online and traditional.

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Jean-Michel Petit, Co-Founder and CEO at VizEat stated:

Both EatWith and VizEat share the same values: we’re passionate about connecting travellers with local people around the dinner table, allowing travellers to discover the culture from the inside by meeting real people in their home setting. We’re thrilled that this acquisition will enable VizEat to bring a greater variety of authentic local experiences to more people across the globe, alongside welcoming additional hosts from all over the world into our community.

The acquisition seems beneficial for VizEat as they can quickly broaden their network in the working domain of EatWith in the years to come. For us, the best out of this acquisition would be to enjoy various local cuisines as travelers or offer foreigners a taste of the Indian delicacies at our house as hosts.

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