Solus Project 1.2.1 Shannon released

On 20 October this year Solus project has released its new Linux distribution and named it Solus 1.2.1 Shannon. This is the main edition  and comes along with Budgie, Mate, iBus and many more features. This Linux OS has become popular among many developers in a very short time. Let us unravel all its features and find out how it evolved.

What is Linux?

Linux is a free and Open Source Operating System in the market. The source code of this Operating system can be modified and used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. This lead the way for many other open source projects branching out of the core Linux projects. Some of the best examples might include Ubuntu, RedHat, Solus and the most used Linux OS Android.

Why should we use Linux?

One answer that best answers this question is the Linux Kernel. Linux Kernel gives developers so many options that are out of the box. When it comes to programming, you should use the Linux Terminal, and you will understand why Linux is the best for programming.

If you take the example of Android whose base is Linux, runs without any compromise in performance. This is because of the contributions that Linux received from its community members. Today design is so much appeasing that the modern Linux distributions are competing with the commercial distributions.

What is Solus?

As discussed, Solus is a Linux distribution. This is also an open source project like its parent Linux. But this child has a lot of add-on features when compared to its parent. With the launch of 1.2.1, these functions have further improved. Let us see all the features in a little bit of detail.

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Budgie 10.2.8 is the default graphical User Interface of the Shannon. It comes pre-packed with IBUS which gives this Linux distribution a multilingual support. Places indicator applet provides quick access to the most-used folders and also removable media like Pen Drives, Hard Disks, etc.

The design of On Screen displays for Volume, Brightness have been made more spacious. They have increased the size of the icons considerably.

The Volume popover has an added features like the plus (+), minus (-) buttons to enhance the user experience even for the people using touchpads.


With the launch of Shannon, the Solus project has also introduced the Mate. Mate adds a futuristic design, and it also has notifications theme.


shannon encryption

Shannon encryption

With the help of Logical Volume Manager and encryption with LUKS, the Solus project now houses full encryption of its data with just a few clicks, and with this edition, we can even expect a lot of new businesses coming forward to use Solus.

Software Center

With the software center, there is no shortage of Softwares for Shannon. With 1.2.1 the Solus project claims that there have been a lot of changes in the Software Center. There have been a lot of new additions as well.

Also, many other bugs have been fixed with this new version. We are expecting a large user base within a few days. At the end Thanks to the initial Linux distribution which made all of these things possible.

You can download the Shannon from here

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