Sony Patented A Blink Powered Contact Lens That Can Record Videos

Well, the concept might seem to be some science fiction movie, but it is finally true. We believe this is not a very new concept for our readers because, in our previous article about Snapchat, we already mentioned how Snapchat would bring video recording contact lenses. Google and Samsung already filed a patent for creating video recording contact lenses. Sony finally applies for a patent for creating contact lenses that can record video. These are a blink powered contact lens.

The video recording will start with the blink of an eye. The intention behind creating such contact lenses is to enhance the accuracy. But the high-quality recording options leave opportunities for other features.

How is Sony blink powered contact lens different from other companies?

Sony might be a late comer in this video recording contact lenses genre. But these contact lenses are entirely different from what Google or Samsung will bring.
Firstly, these start recording video with the blink of an eye. You can turn off and turn on a recording by just blinking eyes.

Secondly, the technology of this blink powered contact lens can detect whether the blink was intentional or unintentional. It is a huge factor considering the natural instinct of an eye is to blink under different circumstances.

Thirdly, seven Japanese inventors created this design for the contact lenses. These include not only a camera but also a wireless processing unit and also a storage unit. The Sony’s blink powered contact lens will offer options for images and videos for later viewing.

Sony believes that the company can make a difference by improving the contact lens facilities to a whole new extent. It will be helpful for different complicated tasks starting from the critical surgeries, recording criminal activities and spying. It is what makes these video recording contact lenses so much useful.

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How can this lens understand whether the blink was intentional or not?

Now there is an interesting explanation by the company, and it is scientific too. We know that an average period of blinking is 0.2 seconds and 0.4 seconds. Thus when the time exceeds 0.5 seconds, and anyone blinks an eye, it is called an intentional/conscious blinking. In this way, the lens can understand whether the blink was intentional or unintentional. The lenses will also contain tiny piezoelectric sensors. These sensors can measure changes in pressure, temperature, acceleration and force. To get enough power, the lenses will use a simple process of electromagnetic induction.

The patent describes a display “showing additional controls that can be activated by a ’tilt sensor.’ The lens may even feature aperture control, autofocus, and image stabilization to address the blur caused by the eyeball’s motion.”

Sony Contact Lenses Patents

A major issue

The product is no doubt a great invention but is will ultimately shatter the privacy of an individual. Once the consumers get this, you won’t be able to know that someone is recording your activities. So this can lead to a significant privacy concern. Let us see what you think about this privacy issue of Sony blink powered contact lens.

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