Sony Brings PlayStation Games To Android And IOS Devices

Nintendo is not the sole manufacturer of consoles that has eyes on the smartphone space. Now, Sony, the PS4 maker is also putting the hat into the ring. The company announced the formation of FordwardWorks for making applications for smartphones based on the characters and games of PlayStation.

Sony Game Titles

A press release from the company stated that ForwardWorks shall leverage the intellectual property of various software titles and gaming characters. They will do so with the know-how and knowledge of gaming development that was acquired over several years with the business of PlayStation for providing gaming applications for smart devices in Asia and Japan.

With this, the company would get an opportunity of casually enjoying full-fledged game titles in the smart device market. This is not the 1st time that Playstation games are seen on smartphones. In the past, many had graced mobile devices. There have been various companion apps like Until Dawn, SingStar and Beyond: Two Souls.

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Official Launch

The official doors of ForwardWorks would be opened on the 1st of April. Do not expect that its games would hit India very soon. As per the press release, it is explicitly stated that it would only cater to Japan and Asia regions. India is under European territories which are as of now left by Sony.


Sony plans to reveal six PlayStation games in the year 2017-18. This will begin with Everybody’s Golf – a long time hit from the company. It will soon reach all Android and iOS mobile phones. Other games like Arc The Lad and Parappa the Rapper are soon to make an appearance.

The company launched Super Mario Run on iPhone. Sony has recently come into mobile games once again with the success of Fate/Grand Order – a mobile game of an anime game Fame, which features music from Sony.

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