Sony Lifelog App Scans Food Photos Count Calories And Offers Advice

When it is about the AI, the tech companies all over the over the world are testing their limits. When you know what an AI can do, it helps you in testing out crazy ideas like counting calories just from a photo. Google tested this out a few years ago, and now Sony Mobile is doing it. Sony Lifelog app has the ability for offering in-depth analysis including calorie count.

The app will also provide feedback on food simply by analysing the picture of food taken by the smartphone. You can download the app from Google Play or Sony store. So how does the app work? Here are the details.

How does Sony Lifelog App work?

The Sony Lifelog app uses deep learning technology of Sony Mobile meal image analysis software. It helps in recognising the food. The user has to take a picture of food, and the software will take care of the rest. Considering the previous logs recorded in the app, the service also offers personalised advice for your diet. The Sony Lifelog is a fitness tracking app. It is compatible with all the Android smartphones and also the wearable devices.

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The wearables include Sony Smartwatch 3. We are not yet sure about the accuracy of the software. Thus it will be interesting to check out how well the software performs with different foods. The Sony AI is also launched in Japan. It was a part of the solution called work performance Plus. The mobile is collaborating with business for informing employees to stay fit and healthy. The app offers advice to deal with the health issues associated with office life.

In 2015, Google worked on software that could recognise food and also identify the number of calories in them. The company applied for a patent for the technology. But unfortunately, it was not released to the public. The Sony Lifelog app is simple to use.

All you have to do is just point the Sony mobile camera at the food that you are going to eat. Click the picture. The Meal Image Algorithm will analyse the food and then show the relevant nutrition info. The app will then offer suggestions and advice depending on your activities and history of diet.

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