Sony MDR 1000x – Is It The Best Noise Cancelling Headphone So Far?

You must have already seen the lady dancing on the street – with not a care in the world – with those big giant headphones. Yes, we are talking about Sony MDR 1000x. The headphones look pretty promising. It is not every day we see a commercial about a noise cancellation headphone.

Till now Bose’s headphones were ruling the market, but they have been popular on a word-of-mouth only. Sony MDR 1000x seems like it is taking a head-on with the best in the market. So there must be something special about it, right? Let’s find out if the headphones are as good as they are advertised to be.

Sony MDR 1000x – Design and comfort

The headphones look pretty average – on a first look, it won’t give you the impression that it has so many features. The construct of the body is primarily elastic, but it does have a polished headband made of metal. The stuffed ear pads can feel rather large at first, but once you have it in place, it will give you a rather cozy feeling and enable you to get lost in your music comfortably. Compared to Bose’s QC35, this headband definitely feels more luxurious. The amount of pressure on your ears feels just right, instead of squishing.

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Sony MDR 1000x – Features

At first look, it might not give you the impression that it has many features, but if you look deeply, there’s a lot going on here. On the right ear cup, you have the touch sensitive control features which you must remember. For example, the double tap feature enables you to pause or play – for which you have to hit the right spot. But if you use it enough you will get it in some time. On the left ear cup, you have the NFC chips to enable the Bluetooth pairing feature.

It also takes some time to get accustomed to the forward and backward touch options. It takes swiping to change the tracks which appear effortless. But there are also some physical buttons which you can press without having to look. The effortlessness is what separates this headphone from its rivals.

Sony MDR 1000x – Sound Quality

When it comes to noise cancellation headphones we always hear the high pitched hiss during the Bluetooth connectivity. This one is no different but the relief is that once the music begins, you hear nothing but the music. To test its bass performance we played J Dilla’s “So Far” and at no point did the audio break – showcasing that MDR 1000x is capable of handling a wide range of sound and basses.

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The sound is overall clear and precise. The different details of the sound hit your ear in just the right tone. It is not one of those headphones which make even death metal sound like Jazz – meaning, the sound quality is just right for the kind of music you are listening to. It doesn’t interfere with the guitar chords and the harmonies. The after effect is crisp and pitch-perfect tune.

Sony MDR 1000x – Noise Cancellation

Till now Bose had been ruling the noise cancellation department. But not anymore – we‘ve found Sony MDR 100x equally good if not better in performance. Travel to a daily train commute in those headphones and you feel that you have really got rid of all the noises. One thing that is common with wireless headphones is the hissing. Such hisses are absent on this one. If you make a phone conversation while traveling, then these headphones could be of use.

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Sony MDR 1000x – Performance and Battery

There is a Personal NC Optimizer which automatically analyzes the shape of your head and ears and tailors the sound to your requirements. Clear voice sounds within the headphone which let you know the mode you have chosen at the time. There are two major modes – the ambient sound mode and the Quick Listen mode. The former allows some noise to pass through in case you don’t want complete noise cancellation. The latter, on the other hand, lets full transparency – allow you to hear everything without taking the headphones off.

Sony’s own LDAC Codec claims to transmit three times more data than normal Bluetooth. But the catch is that it works with only some devices such as Sony Xperia and Sony Walkman. The DSEE HX processor also promises to deliver high performance with the compressed music files. To top that, this headphone has a pretty long running battery life.

Sony MDR 1000x – Final Verdict

This wireless, noise-cancelling headphone is the best in the market. It takes some time to get used to the controls, but the experience overall is very comforting. It is ideal for music lovers. Plus, it is easy to carry it out. Overall, considering the $350 average price range, it is as good as you get.

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