Sony Opens Pre-Orders For PlayStation VR Bundle

Sony has announced pre-orders officially for the PlayStation VR headset which is a very affordable virtual reality headset. The customers can order this Tuesday onwards, the headset’s $500 starter bundle through selected retailers in the U.S. The shipping of these sets would start in the month of October.

What will it come with?

The starter kit will come with PlayStation VR and cables, a stereo headset, a PlayStation camera, 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers as well as a game named PlayStation Worlds, that features 5 VR scenarios like street-racing simulation and underwater adventure.

For those who are already having the PlayStation camera and Move Controllers but still wish to have the headset itself, the company would be opening up pre-orders for a price of $400 on the 29th of March. The availability of these pre-orders would be seen through retailers.

Pre-order for the headset

The company didn’t originally intend to open these pre-orders for PS VR at that time, but had to add this option owing to the demand of the customers, said an official report by the company.

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Summer would see Another round of pre-orders, stated the company. After the launch of the PS VR, Sony would be facing stiff competition with Samsung, HTC, and Oculus for control of this virtual reality market that is burgeoning. As per market research, it is estimated that the total software and hardware market for VR would be worth $70 billion by the year 2020.

Update: Sony Headsets

Sony opened and closed these pre-orders up quickly. They gave people in the US a second chance to pre-order until 30th June 2016. It was the last chance to lock in the headset. It was an attempt to make the headset more popular and profitable. But it didn’t quite work as expected for the company. The product finally arrived in October 2016.


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