Sony Platinum Wireless Headset Review: Is 3D Sound Enough?

If you love your PS4, you must read this detailed Sony Platinum Wireless Headset Review. It has some intriguing features like the Virtual Surround Sound 3D. It fits comfortably and costs $159 which is reasonable for a high-end headset. But since this one is wireless, the Xbox users won’t be able to make much use of it. So PS4 users, read on –

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset: Design and Connectivity

It consists of metal and plastic – with the latter behind the ear cups. Metal is on the top. The design is a comfortable round that you can carry. There is a leather strap on the headband. So it will lift the top above your scalp. You won’t have to struggle for comfort anymore. Overall it is very light and stringy.

No, it does not use Bluetooth for connectivity. Sony Platinum Wireless uses a 2.4GHz dongle-based connection. Many times Bluetooth connections get disrupted. So this is a good addition from Sony. But here’s the catch the adapter is PS4 enabled so you cannot use it in other devices. It includes a 3.5mm USB cable, though, which lets you use it as an audio headset too.

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset: Sound Quality and Features

The 50mm drivers in each ear cup give you a crisp and engaging sound – as you’d want. The surround sound can also simulate up to 7.1 channels which are great. It makes playing Destiny and Battlefield 1 easier. In short, Sony does perform in the music department.

We are talking about hearing the rustling of the grasses beneath your feet. Now you could very well have liked it with just surround sound. But Sony goes the extra mile to give you 3D sound effect. It will not let you get up for a long time from your PS4.

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Sony Platinum Wireless Headset: Performance

We also noticed a deep and textured bass which was absent in other headsets. Suddenly you feel like the game has come a lot more alive than it was before. This goes greatly for Platinum Wireless Headset. When playing games like Nioh, keeping track of enemies became easier. Music too became a lot more textured.

But it does have its limitations. Even though Sony has added the 3D sound feature, it hasn’t grown in itself yet. When you hear a VR audio, the highs sound a little bit depressed, and the lows go even below.

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset: Chat and Battery

The Platinum headset uses integrated mic in place of the boom mic. So your opponent does not always hear you clearly. This is a serious drawback. Another thing is that the Platinum headset has noise canceling but it works just fine. So it is not suited for pro-level gamers yet. But even so, the regular PS4 gamers will find this useful.

Instead of SteelSeries Siberia 840, Sony incorporated an integrated battery into this. Its battery life is good. At least we can say that it works well for a solid five to six hours before dying. Also, you have to plug it in the charger to charge it which is quite feasible.

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset: Final Verdict

Sony’s headset is completely wireless. In other brands, you still have to plug in with DualShock 4 to chat. There is a price advantage over the others too. Even if you compare it with Sony’s Gold, it has the 3D sound advantage. We would say you should go with this one.

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