Sony PlayStation VR Headset takes lead over Oculus Rift VR Headset

The number of contention in the gaming industry is making the product evolution highly dynamic. Sony unveiled their new Project (the Morpheus virtual reality helmet) to overtake the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. The two pre-fabrication virtual reality headsets now out in the free territory the rivalry can begin seriously over which will dictate the industry.

The Early Lead by Oculus

Despite Oculus launched its VR headset earlier, Sony takes the lead. To mention Sony’s VR headsets showed up in the industry this week, this is because Sony has the full stable of PS4 video games to synchronize with the headsets. Last year, Oculus brought to the play an early developers kit. But the imparted a harder time getting set builders to integrate its hardware. However, the new developer’s kit that was released this week could facilitate this regard.


The exploit took place at the Conference of Game Developers in San Francisco this week. Sony flaunted the Project Morpheus at the first fragments of the show. Oculus did not fritter away any time firing back. A day after Sony unveiled its VR product Oculus proclaimed that its second-generation development kit, DK2, would be presented to the customer’s door step by this summer. The kit will probably cost around $350. But once it comes to the hands of developers, it would offer Oculus a better likelihood to battle with Sony.

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The Oculus DK2 kit comes with a high resolution, short latency, two 1080p displays (one for each eye). According to several reports, the Oculus kit is a major perk up over its earlier models that were launched at the International CES in January.

After a brief run on the exclusive-to-Rift, sci-fi dogfighter demo EVE: Valkyrie from CCP Games, my answer to the “Is it ready for primetime?” question is … yeah, maybe. Sure … why not? Who knows? A lot still needs to fall into place for Oculus before it brings the Rift out as a finalized product for general release. One thing’s for sure this is a much more mature system than it was a year ago.

A PC magazine site quoted.
Besides the other VR accessories, the Sony’s goggles have begun to take the lead. The Sony glasses have 960 by 1080p resolution for each eye. Also, it has got a 90-degree field of view with 3D audio, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer too. The goggles have already started to expand some interest among game builders with Crytek, and Epic Games are putting their interest in game development for Sony.

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