Sony Xperia X Series Will No Longer Exist In The Market

Sony will not continue with the Premium Standard phones anymore. It means, no more Sony Xperia X series phone for you. Well, with this news, we have mixed responses from people. The primary reason why Sony mobiles planned to discontinue the Xperia X series is the medium range smartphones from Sony failed to generate expected sales. The flagship specifications from Sony didn’t work out. The mobiles like Sony Xperia X and Xperia X Compact, couldn’t reach up to the sales the company expected. Well, there are reasons for not enough sales for the Sony Xperia series smartphones.

Why was Sony Xperia X series not a hit?

If you have a look at the specifications of Sony Xperia X series smartphones, the phones come with 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory with a 1.5GHz Quad-Core processor. The price of the Xperia X series phones varies from 12K to 16K. Now, these are pretty basic specifications for a price of 12 to 16K.

We mean, in such a price range, you will have many options starting from Samsung J2 Pro at 9900, Motorola E3 Power at 7500 INR, Moto G4 Play at 8000 INR, Lenovo K5 Plus, Lenovo K6 Power, Oppo A37, HTC, and Vivo. You will get the same specs within 10K. So why would you spend another 4-6K without any reason? This is the main reason why Sony mobiles could not make an impact in the mainstream smartphone market.

Apart from that, so many Indian brands are also emerging in the smartphone market too. For instance, Intex, Lava, and Micromax are still good contenders. On the other hand, Apple also reduced the price of iPhones in India. You will get the iPhone 5S at the cost of 15K and iPhone SE at a price of 18K. So leaving so many brands and options, why would you opt for Sony Xperia X series smartphones? Sony could have reduced the smartphone price a long time ago before these brands became so much popular in India and any other countries.

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Drop in sales

The flagship smartphones reached up only 31% of the sales outside Japan and only 85% in Japan. These numbers clearly say Sony is not the preferred brand for the majority of people. Last year, Sony mobiles stopped the M and C series and announced the Xperia X series. After that, Sony announced the Xperia XZ Premium and Xperia XA1.

Now, if Sony stops the Xperia series, it needs to come up with other alternatives to stay in the competitive smartphone market. They have to focus on unique features, that only Sony can offer, for instance, Oppo specialises in camera, Apple specialises in A7 or A9 series processors, and Samsung has got the Super AMOLED displays. Sony needs to come up with these unique technical aspects.

One more reason why Sony is couldn’t get a competitive edge on the smartphone market is Sony mobiles accessories is hard to get. So, the company needs to have more service centres and make the original accessories readily available for the consumers.

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