Sony Xperia XZ Review: Worth Buying For Rs. 39,990?

Sony was once quite a popular brand name. Their handsets ruled the market. But now we don’t see much of Sony handsets. Do you wonder why? It is because Sony is hell bent on ignoring the mid-range smartphones. They continue to stay aloof from the sub-15000 and under-8000 price range. Recently, they launched Sony Xperia XZ which too released at Rs. 49,999 in the market. (Now costs Rs. 39,990)

Sony may be targeting the likes of Apple and Nexus, but is it any good? We did a thorough analysis of Sony Xperia XZ, and this is what we learned –

Sony Xperia XZ: Display and Design

The bar-like body is very generic. It could rule the market in the early 2010s, but the today it is rather common. But we have to give it to Sony – they tried their best. They used plastic at the sides, metal at the back and glass body on the front. One thing we will give it to Sony – the design is sturdy and substantial. They have used a loop-like design with the sides being rounded.

Xperia XZ features 5.2inch screen with 441 ppi pixel density on the screen which is not bad. It comes in full HD resolution. Generally, at this price, you would expect a Quad HD resolution. But then if you are not using VR, what will you need it for. The viewing angles are excellent. Also, the colors on the screen are sharp and crisp.

Sony Xperia XZ: Software and Interface

Since Sony Xperia XZ arrived just before Android 7.0 Nougat update, it came with 6.0 Marshmallow. It will receive the Nougat update soon. Sony’s own UI is what gives the main experience here. But you cannot vertically scroll down apps – like in other Android 5 and above smartphones. The apps appear in paginated style. But, you can choose how apps appear – how frequently they are used, by time, date, etc.

Little details like the right size of the icon and the theme structure have been paid attention to. Overall, the UI feels quick. You can feel the pace while switching from one app to another.

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Sony Xperia XZ: Performance and Hardware

Xperia XZ comes with a 3GB RAM and storage which can be expanded up to 200GB via microSD card. So you learn where Sony has spent its bucks. If you want to store gallons of videos and apps and multitask, then you might like this phone. It also comes with Snapdragon 820 (which was a great upgrade at the time it was launched).

Still, Sony does not disappoint with its VoLTE and voice-over-Wi-Fi features either. There were no lag or heating issues during the usage. When we played Asphalt 8 on XZ, we were quite surprised to see it played on for a very long time without any heating issue.

Sony Xperia XZ: Camera and Battery

The phone comes with a whopping 23 megapixels on the rear end and 13 megapixels on the front. Sony handsets are known for their good cameras, and this phone has not disappointed. Its 4K video recording feature is great. Even though the camera is 23 megapixels, you won’t get the best as you expect from it. The front camera performed better than the rear one in low light.

For the battery, we put Xperia XZ on a video-loop test. The video was on, and the speakers were at the highest volume. At this mode, the phone lasted for 10 hours and 20 minutes. So we say that it can easily last you for more than two days. The Stamina and Ultra Stamina modes is a savior when it comes to saving charge on this 2900 mAh battery.

Sony Xperia XZ: Final Verdict

For this price, Sony Xperia XZ should have some signature specs, which it lacks. So, even though you can see, there aren’t any complaint on any aspect spending Rs. 39,990 isn’t feasible. This is because there are better phones in this price range. You will have little regrets with Sony Xperia XZ even if you buy it – unless you’re taking a whole lot of pictures.

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