SpaceX Successfully Landed Its Falcon 9 Rocket On The Ocean

Finally the Falcon 9 rocket has been landed by SpaceX on a drone ship at sea, after vehicle has been launched into space yesterday afternoon. This is for the 1st time that ocean landing has been pulled off by the company, after failing in previous 4 attempts.

For SpaceX, this is a very important milestone as it shows that rockets can be landed on both ocean as well as solid ground.

This is the 2nd time the company has landed the rocket successfully post-launch. The 1st time was that in the month of December, when the Falcon 9 rocket touched the ground base site in Cape Canaveral, after the satellite was put in space. Now that the company has demonstrated that both kinds of landings can be done, even more rockets can be recovered and reused in future. This means that good cost savings are possible for SpaceX.

It is going to be essential to master ocean landing since this kind of landing would be conducted often by SpaceX. At a recent Press Conference of NASA, the Vice President of mission assurance for SpaceX, Hans Koenigsmann stated that 2-3 flights will be involving drone ship landings.  Ultimately, the company has expectations of landing around 1/3rd of the rockets on land and rest of them at the sea.

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