Startup India’s L&D Module Pulled 31K Users In Its First Month

It is true that the government of India took several initiatives to help in developing startup India. As a result, the Global Innovation Index ranked India into 66th position in 2016 from 81st position in 2015. In this year January, India celebrated the one year completion anniversary of startup India. The government is continuously offering as much help as possible to startup India.

For instance, GOI launched the new scheme where startups will get up to Rs 5 crore as a loan without any collateral. Apart from this, the government also launched an educational initiative, called the Learning and Development Module (L&D Module).

The L&D module proves, the government is not only concerned about the monetary issues of startup India, but it is also taking care of the experience and learning needed for a startup. The L&D module will help the entrepreneurs to learn more about startups in a hassle free way.

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It will encourage the entrepreneurs for asking pertinent questions about their queries. The training is launched in collaboration with UpGrad and DIPP. It is an interactive and online training module for educating the startups and aspiring entrepreneurs for various stages of their journey.

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Few details about the L&D module for startup India

The L&D module is a four-week online learning process. The novice entrepreneurs will get it free of cost. The program has six modules. The topics include idea identification, finance, legal and fundraising. The program is a part of the startup India Hub. The sole objective of the program is to make entrepreneurs aware of the major concepts and steps for setting up and run a successful business.

The participants, who enroll in this program, will get to learn from real life entrepreneurs like Deep Kalra (CEO of MakeMyTrip), Bhavish Aggarwal (Co-founder of Olacabs) and Kunal Bahl (CEO, Snapdeal). They will also offer a deep procedural insight on writing a business plan. At the completion course, the participants will also get a certificate on Startup India and Invest India upgrade certificate.

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They will also get a networking opportunity by interacting with other entrepreneurs within the discussion forum. According to recent reports, till February 19th, the platform has got 31000 users in just a month of launching the program. Also, more than 800 entrepreneurs already completed the module.

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