The story of A startup from Pakistan

Pak wheels is a platform mainly for the automotive devotees which was initially formed for the people to get easy access to buying and selling new or old cars. It is the largest site from Pakistan that deals with the buying and selling of automotive.

This website was started in the year 2003 when a group of people who were very much inclined towards the automotive industry. They grouped and discussed the recent events of the automotive industry, and so they came up with the idea of developing a site purely for automotive. The founder of Pak wheels is Hanif Bhatti, who was a substantial automotive devotee, had worked along with his group who were like him. At that time there were other people like him as well, but they had not been able to form such a platform.

Hanif Bhatti came up with this idea in 1999 when Microsoft had purchased Hotmail. He had registered the domain for Pak wheels, and it was the time when all of this domain purchase was of very high interest to many people, and he was in Dubai at that time, but in 2002 when he had to move back to Karachi his domain got expired, and so he had to get it registered once again. He had to do a lot of hard work and convincing to get automotive portal and so finally his hard work had finally paid off. His site started to run in the very next year.

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Initially, the website only contained information, and the later the forums were added to it as well. The workload had increased, and so he had hired two people. His office was then shifted near the Chundrigar road, Karachi in the Europa Center and finally in the year 2006 they had launched their own Pak wheels magazine. All in all Hanif Bhatti is proud of his site because it has been progressing very well and he also says that this whole journey was tremendous and he thanks his group mates and employees for their work and support.

Pak wheels arrange automotive shows in the major cities of Pakistan, Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, where the automotive fanatics can join in and discuss the automotive.

Pak Wheels was awarded the Brand of the year award in the year 2003, and it has also received the Teradata National IT award that is considered to be one of the most prominent awards in Pakistan.

When the founders are asked about the expansion of the site, they do not seem to very confident about the idea. They say that they would like to focus on Pakistan rather than to expand their website in other countries.

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  1. Nice article with thorough research, i would really love if you get a chance and take a look at this new emerging automotive start up and also they have very engaging facebook forum as medium for buy & sell used cars both online and thru facebook group

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