You Can Stream Gmail Video Attachments In Desktop And Laptop

Google rolled out a bunch of updates recently for “quality improvement”. It includes email services improvement and Gmail video attachments streaming feature. Google will make viewing video accessories much smoother and quicker. From now on, the Gmail desktop users will now be able to stream attachment videos right on that page. So you won’t need to download them first and then open it with media players.

Features on Gmail video attachment update

In this update, Gmail users will see a thumbnail of the video which is similar to YouTube videos. You can adjust the sound, change video quality and even stream it to the ChromeCast device. Gmail is using the same Google infrastructure which powers YouTube, Google Drive and any other video streaming apps. Thus, you can stream the video at optimal quality and availability. The update is available for all the G-Suite editions, and the feature has already started rolling out.

According to Google, the Gmail video attachments streaming feature might take 15 more days to reach every Gmail users. But, one thing is important to note. The Gmail attachments cannot exceed 50MB size. So, if you are going to send video attachments, you have to maintain the size or compress the video if you want to send a video of higher resolution.

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You have to use Google Drive to send video or attachments over 25MB. Because, the sending limit is still 25MB. The feature is especially useful for those who want to send emails attached with video directly from phones. So now you can see them without waiting to download them.

Google doubled the size of attachments to receive. Now you can receive video files or other attachments as big as 50MB. A few days ago Google offered an update for Android app. Gmail for Android users can now send or receive money as an attachment. Well, this feature long existed in the web version of Google email service. It rolled out for the Gmail Android App recently.

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