Super Mario Run For Android Crosses 10 Million Downloads

Well, we know that the Super Mario Run have become a common name for a huge number of people these days. The game crossed 10 million downloads. Well, as we mentioned in our previous article, Nintendo was not happy with the amount of revenue it collected for Super Mario Run. What surprises me is, how did the game get so many downloads in such a short period but still Nintendo couldn’t make too much profit.

The primary reason is the in-app purchases. A huge number of people were excited to check out the game. But when you start playing it, once you cross the first world, you will get in-app purchase options. To progress to the next level, you will hit the $9.99 pay button. Thus, even though so many people downloaded the game from Play Store, only a few people turned out to be the ones who made the actual purchase.

There are few other reasons too. The game is monotonous and doesn’t offer people with the opportunity to choose between a walk or run. Those who have played the original Mario, they miss it. Because they don’t have the opportunity to go back if they miss something. But we got those feature in the original Mario.

Bugs in Nintendo Super Mario Run

One more reason is, it does not work in the landscape mode. Thus, it offers a combined rush and lack of choices. It makes the iconic game pretty disappointing for the Mario fans. Nintendo needs to fix this. There is one more bug in the game. According to one Cleo Tamayo, who was pretty satisfied with the game after downloading, said, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]As of now the game was ok… it was perfectly working since I downloaded this app last Thursday or Friday, however, today I can’t play it anymore. When I opened the game, there’s a pop up which states “it’s possible that the time on your device does not match the actual time of the day. Please check your device’s clock setting.” Please help me fix this!!!! I already tried to change my clock settings… restart my phone but I still can’t play the game.[/quotes]

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Well, not everyone is dissatisfied with this game. Some are also of the opinion that this game is worth your money. Still, the majority of people are not satisfied with the game. The worst part is Nintendo acknowledged the game shuts down automatically if it is unable to find candidates when you link Facebook to your friend’s list. It happened when you got the Super Mario Run for the iOS users. Nintendo is working on a fix. All in all, the game needs an update for Android users too. What do you think?

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