Super Mario Run Didn’t Meet Our Expectations In Revenue: Nintendo

As we already mentioned in our previous article, Super Mario Run is available for both the iOS and Android users now. It has been almost a week. Surprisingly, it didn’t become the hit game which Nintendo expected. Nintendo clearly said, “Revenue from the game didn’t meet our expectations”. Previously, we got reports about the game crossing $30 million in two weeks.

Even after this, the company is not considering about offering free services. The Android version of Super Mario will allow more people to experience the game, but monetization is not the objective of the company. Looks like Nintendo is trying to make a good impact on its users by keeping its promise of introducing games on smartphones.

The marketing strategy of Nintendo

What Nintendo hopes is, users will buy the consoles like Nintendo Switch to get a taste of the games. Well, we don’t deny about the good sales of Nintendo Switch. The strategy is good and admirable. It is similar to what Sony did with their ForwardWorks division. They are using mobile games to generate another revenue stream. It will also create a gateway for the PlayStation ecosystem.

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In a Q&A with the investors, Nintendo said, they plan to release 2-3 mobile games every year. It is their strategy to tackle the mobile market. In this way they will continue to use the existing IPs for recapturing the interest of older gamers and also the young children to overcome the generational gaps. It will let parents and children play together. So, even after such plans and strategies, why did Super Mario Run fail?

Failure of Super Mario Run

The reason is, this game lets players try out only the first world before they hit the $9.99 pay section. Despite such huge downloads, only 5% of people actually paid for the Super Mario Run to go to the next level. Reports also say, the success of Super Mario Run for iOS was higher than the Android. Stull Nintendo is committed to creating games and selling them at a cost. Let’s see where that leaves Nintendo in the gaming world for smartphones.

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