Super Mario Run Officially Releases For Android On March 23rd

Finally, the Super Mario Run is making its official release in Android. In January 2017, we came to know that the game will release this year. We didn’t expect it this soon. The company now revealed an exact date for the debut of the Super Mario Run Game. It is March 23rd. Nintendo launched this game in December 2016, exclusively for the iPhone users.

You could play the game on iPhone 7 and iPhone 6. The game got 78 million downloads in just five days. Android users will get a 2.0 version on release. The good news for iPhone users is, they will also get an update on 23rd March. The update will add new characters in the game.

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The Super Mario Run is one of the best games from Nintendo. It is also the first mobile game from Nintendo. It is a one tap platform where Mario runs according to his free will facing a lot of obstacles. You have to tap on the screen to make Mario jump. To make the most of the game you have to score as well as run as long as you can. You will get a taste of gameplay for free.

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Are you ready to buy Super Mario Run?

You have to purchase the full version of the game for once, and it will unlock all the levels for you. The game is still focused on challenges. You have to challenge your partners and accept daily challenges to increase your score and coins. You will get to enjoy a lot of time in this game while building your virtual kingdom. With such a huge number of downloads (even paid downloads!) for iOS users, Nintendo makes quite a good amount of profit.

Looks like the company is all set to make a lot of bucks by offering it for the Android users. It is going to be interesting how the game fares for Android users because Android users are not very willing to buy/download paid games. So let’s wait and watch, March 23rd it is folks!

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