Super Mario Run: Pre-register For Android At Play Store

Now this was one of the most anticipated games of 2016. Nintendo announced the Super Mario Run in September. It was the first release of the iOS, and it became available in a couple of weeks ago. And this is what led to the disappointment of a lot of game lovers. And the disappointed reviews also had an effect on the stock value of the company.

Well, a lot of users anticipated an Android release for the game, but no one was sure about the release date. But finally, the Super Mario Run is available for pre-registration on Google Play Store. You can check out the game on the Play Store, and you can get your device registered for the game from the Google Store App page.

Details and description of Super Mario Run

At present, this is what you can do. Also, you can just check out the screenshots of the game until you get the notification that the game is released and available for download on your device. The Super Mario Run game is an automatic runner game where you can control the jump of Mario. The look and feel are similar to the Mario game that we used to play in our childhood. But the graphics and gameplay are improved a lot.

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Apart from controlling the jumps, you can also collect as many coins as you can without dying, try to defeat the Bowser and rescue the princess. According to the description of Play Store, the Android game follows the description of the iOS device. The game is free with a little content to unlock with an IAP. And you will need a constant intent connectivity to continue with the game. And apart from that much has not changed. To find out exactly when you can play on the device, you need to register your device from Play Store.

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