Super Mario Run Tips And Tricks To Master

The Super Mario Run game is released recently. Undoubtedly this is one of the best games one can ever play. It’s simply a nostalgia that brings out many fun memories of our childhood. That being said, here are a few more tricks and tips for you that will let you enjoy the Super Mario Run game to a whole new level.

We bet you did not have any idea about these secret tips for this game. Have a look!

Master the tap in Super Mario Run

If you want to have complete control over the taps, you have to hone the jumping skills. A quick tap will create a short jump, and if you hold the screen for long, it will create a higher jump.

Boost more

Another way to make the high jump is hitting the jump button as you land on the enemy. You will get a huge leap in the air.

Mega jump

If you are unable to catch the coins in Super Mario Run, then tap on screen again while in midair to get a mega jump. For bigger heights, tap on the screen when Mario is descending.

Pause the game

If you want to rest your fingers, you can pause it when you see the red blocks in the game. When you see the red block, don’t just jump over it. Position the Mario so that it runs over it and stops until you are ready to start again.

Bubble up

If you missed something and want to go back again click on the Bubble Button at the top, you will get a few seconds backwards. Tap the bubble button to pop it right exactly where you want to land the Mario. But the bubbles are limited. To get more bubbles, hit the question mark block while running.

Using the hammer

The hammers are useful. Collect them as much as you can so that you can just destroy the thwomp and other enemies. Open “build menu”, click on hammer icon and then tap on Thwomp to destroy them.

Unlocking some friends

You can unlock friends from the Mario world. Each one has got their abilities. You can unlock the toad, the Peach and Luigi. Just link the My Nintendo account with the game. If you play the Toad Rally, you can build the mushroom kingdom and unlock other characters too. Get coins in rallies and then use them for buying homes for your gang. The coins will also let you unlock different characters from the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Useful strategy move

If you are jumping from a wall and suddenly think that was a bad idea, you can swipe left. Swiping in left can make the Mario stall for a second in midair, and this can be a great strategy move.


You have come near a wall and didn’t know what to do? Just Jump! If you make a well-timed jump in between the walls Mario will bounce between it and get higher. It will also work if you want to get into a pit to look for hidden coins. Just fall into it and bounce yourself from a wall so that you can get into it.

Become the star

It is a critical factor for Toad Rally. To get the most from your run, make sure that you snag the stars. They will make the coins fly to you. It’s like some magnet is attracting the coins. You can collect large coins with this.

Back jump for the boo coins

If you jump backward on the boo, you can earn extra coins. For jumping back, first, jump on a wall and then hit on jump again when you connect to the wall.

Impress the toads

For this, you have to keep playing the toad rally every day, and you will get rewards in My Nintendo screen.

Keep the toads happy

Make sure that your kingdom has toad houses. The toads will give coins every day, and this will increase your supply.

Check the colors

If you suddenly meet with a toad of a particular color, challenge other players who have the same username of that color only.

Get the bonus house

If you play the world tour mode, you will get the bonus home and then play it once in a day to get more coins.

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