Tag Heuer Sold More Smartwatches Than They Assumed

When the first smartwatch released from Tag Heuer, the price was $1500. Undoubtedly, it was one of the most overpriced smartwatches available initially. It was more priced than any other smartwatches in the market. Most of us thought that the company cannot sell smartwatches on such a high price.

Who knew that it would sell more smartwatches than anyone could expect? In an interview for a German website NZZ, Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver revealed that Tag Heuer sold more units of smartwatches than they ever expected. It is a good thing to hear.

Analysis of sales of Tag Heuer smartwatches

The company expected to sell out 20000 units, but more than 56000 units were sold in the last 14 months. Apart from that, the company also confirmed that it is bringing a new smartwatch in May. There are assumptions that it might launch in Google I/O that took place in May. The gadget is powered with Android 2.0 which is the latest version of smartwatch platform.

Now, Tag Heuer is pretty confident that they can sell out more than 150000 units. It is a big leap from 20000 units that they predicted. After they successfully sold $56000 we cannot surely say whether they are overestimating the figures for the next version of the smartwatch.

The second version

It is the priciest smartwatch in the market. It is light in weight because it has the titanium housing and very well built. Initially, it had a dim screen, but the second version might bring a brighter screen. In this version, you will have the LG’s brighter and more energy efficient OLED screen. The previous version had a transflective LCD. Thus, the new watches will have a dominant display.

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They will also come with a payment function, most probably through the Android Pay. This feature will come with the Android 2.0. There are other improvements too. These include a better GPS, a stronger wireless receiver and also a better battery.

One more issue is, the company lacks a unisex appeal. The large design seems more targeted towards men. The new series might come with a smaller watch for women. The company will offer different colors to provide women with a lot of options. The company is not just looking the watches as some commodity to sell, but it is focused on creating it as a product of sales interest. As CEO Jean Biver says, “Since the end of 2015, our sales have grown again, most recently by around 15 percent. The smartwatch and the publicity that it brought us have played a role”.

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