Tata Elxsi To Test Driverless Cars On Indian Roads Soon

So, finally, here we have a company that has the courage to test the driverless cars on Indian roads. Making the self-driving cars is one thing but making them run on congested roads of India, is a wholly different thing and Tata Elxsi is soon going to do it.

As we all know that Indian roads are filled with careless pedestrians, disorderly drivers, many slow moving cars and a variety of auto-rickshaws. Tata Elxsi still shows the courage to test the driverless cars. Tata Elxsi is a part of Tata Group, and it is presently seeking permission from the authorities in Bengaluru to test the autonomous vehicles.

Work of Tata Elxsi on driverless cars

The difference is, Tata Elxsi is not developing the self-driving cars right from zero. Instead of that, the company has fused and redesigned two Sedans. The Tata Motors manufacture one of the Sedans. The company rigged the two Sedans with Sensors and cameras. The cars are already running in the outskirts of Bengaluru. For more details, our TNI analysts have reached to Tata Elxsi regarding the project.

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Tata Elxsi is working on the driverless cars project and self-driving technology for quite some time. In the year 2014, a group of engineers developed the Tata Motors Zest Sedan. They tested it on a particular route. Tata Elxsi managing director said, “We knew the car’s electronics architecture (inside out). We made it autonomous and took it to Pune, and showed it to Tata Motors. About 100 technical staff took a ride in it along with a programmed path.” In 2015, the company showed yet another driverless cars test which had the autonomous valet parking technology.

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The objective

The primary objective of the company is to develop driverless cars framework. It will come with cameras, sensors and communications among the vehicles and infrastructure. Tata Elxsi head of marketing, Nitin Pai said, “What we are developing will be useful in many ways for the OEMs and supplier of parts.” There are still doubts regarding the feasibility of driverless cars on Indian roads. According to the director of engineering and electronics from Bosch India, the driverless cars will take quite some time to launch in India fully. The reason, traffic rules, public mentality and awareness is a bit different in India.

Sadly, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick more directly that India will be the last country to get autonomous cars. He is disappointed with the way people drive around the streets of India. And this is why the companies do not want to test the driverless cars in India. Tata Elxsi has something different in mind. We believe that this company can finally bring the self-driving cars in India.

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