Technology And Art: New York Art Week Paves New Way

Technology is fast changing the equation around us. There was a time when those who indulged in technology, were called ‘geeks.’ Those who were fascinated with creativity and art were called the artists.

Today we are standing at a point of time where art met technology.  This results in a tech oriented species that has no limits to the things they can create.

Chris Donald told The Verge:
[quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]I really think of these being screen-based paintings, so having a moving image alongside the painting made sense. They interact really well and work together. The underlying idea is how technology sees the world and how we see things and how the lens records the world we live in. What happens when you put a Cadillac ad in front of a machine that doesn’t care about the content? It’s reading the information and recording it.[/quotes]

How Technology is Affecting Art

It goes to show how intricately technology works with imagination to open a whole wide world to the art lovers. Today we have Virtual reality gadgets that will give you a whole new experience. So if today an artist wants to give you a tour of the 50s in his own way, he can. The implications are innumerable.

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Recently, an Amsterdam-based duo that calls themselves Studio Drift have used the Microsoft Hololens to create a Concrete Storm. It is a mixed reality installation project. While artists strive to open our minds, technology teaches them how and this is very evident in the world around us today.

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Science-Art Dual Stream at Undergrad

There was a buzz about Herberger Institute for Design and The Arts recently, where the students worked with scientists and big data. “Collaborations between scientists and artists can result in a beautiful piece of art for the artist and a means of communicating for the scientist: a win-win situation,” said Susan Beiner, who is teaching a new Arts and Science course at the ASU School of Art.

This shift in the stream at the undergrad level surely paves the way for more technological improvement with the artists. We have just to wait and watch for a whole new imaginary world to open up to us.

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