Technology In 2017: 12 Predictions For Technology Trends

Technology in 2017 will take many turns. But is this really the future? This question will hover your mind. Already Dubai has made air taxis available by July. So is technology in 2017 really the technology of the future? Perhaps these technology trends predictions will answer those questions for you –

Mobiles will continue to rise as the primary shopping stop

Technology in 2017 will come with a more hands on approach whereby mobile phones will rise as the prime shopping stop for customers. Up until now people were heavily relying on desktops. But the latest trends in technology show a difference.

Funding will shift towards Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“With a massive potential return for whoever can crack the AI nut, VCs will swarm startups in these spaces like sharks smelling chum in the water. But don’t expect a feeding frenzy. Most of these startups will crash and burn without ever turning a profit. That said, a select few will drive truly deep innovation, and in doing so, reshape the world.”

– Rod Favaron, president and CEO of Spreadfast, a software platform which enables companies to manage, integrate, and amplify social content across digital touch points. IT trends such as this was bound to arrive.

Business transactions and customer service will rise over social media

“Social messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Message are becoming increasingly important tools for brand engagement and customer service resolution. Big brands are already seeing a major shift from public posts to private messages. Innovative technologies will only further that trend as they open up new opportunities for seamless customer to business interactions, including chat bots, flight reservations, and payment transactions. As social platforms continue to adopt these new technologies in 2017, brands and customers alike will turn to messaging channels for more efficient, personal and effortless resolution.”

– Joshua March, CEO and founder of Social Media engagement platform Conversocial

Tech will focus investments in music arena

“It is prime time that investors, separate from the TechStars accelerator program, turn their attention to music tech startups. And they are beginning to notice it. In the past year alone, we have seen multiple organizations emerge to help support music startups, including Project Music, Marathon Labs, and others all aimed at solving existing problems within the industry. With the welcoming of technology in 2017, we’ll see a push towards technology investments in the sector. This boom in capital will result in huge spikes in innovation, addressing the common woes of tracking, management, and remuneration for artists.”

– Bruno Guez, founder and CEO of Revelator, a cloud-based provider of data management services for the music industry.

Expect Automated personal assistant features on smart devices

Already we can see that iPhones have become smarter. They are implementing the new Siri AI and Google Assistant, to give us the experience that has truly begun to gain momentum. Slowly, the household appliances will become smarter and more useful.

Expect to interact with AI driven bots rule technology in 2017

AI and deep intelligence will definitely rule the tech market in 2017. From customer service to technical support, it will be bots that will be taking up your jobs in the sectors. These sectors will face the most hurdles owing to the technology trends that are changing.

Secondhand purchase will become more popular

“2016 was the year where secondhand has finally lost its stigma. Buying secondhand is becoming more popular and consumers are more quickly looking to online marketplaces to create a source of disposable income. Consumers are also making their initial purchasing decisions based on which brand or style has the highest chance of reselling. Our customers are more interested in buying a high-end handbag that hold its value when they’re ready to get rid of it. Reselling has become a lifestyle.”

– Corri McFadden, owner of eDrop-off, an eBay seller of designer clothing, handbags and other high-end fashion

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We will spend major time in the virtual world

We will spend more time in the virtual world than in the real world. With VR headsets ruling the market, there is a possibility that we will be engaged not in social media but in a virtual world where we will perceive everything by means of a 3D glass.

It will be the year of acquisitions

“While Snapchat and Airbnb will grab all the headlines next year, I’ll be paying just as much attention to big ‘boring’ equity and investment firms like Vista and Silver Lake who are snapping up promising start-ups, as well as CPG stalwarts like Clorox, Walmart and Procter and Gamble. These are the businesses dealing with what Robert Siegel and Aaron Levie call ‘The Industrialists’ Dilemma’– the systems, management and assets that led to their success in the industrial era are holding them back today, in some cases fatally. Part of addressing that issue will be acquiring startups with great talent, smart software and no brand reputation to jeopardize. And it’s already starting to happen. Unilever didn’t just buy a new revenue stream with Dollar Shave Club, they bought an entirely new digital competency.”

– Tien Tzuo, CEO of subscription billing, management and finance provider Zuora.

Smart city investment models will see growth in investment

“We will need new models if we are to move from pilot projects to full scale smart city operations. Seventy-eight percent of total energy demand comes from cities (sic).”

– Tom Rebbeck, research director at Analysys Mason, specialist advisory firm for the telecoms, media and technology industry.

In line with this vision, India is also all set to implement smart cities. It seems like India’s technology in 2017 is also set to receive a boost. “Cities in the past were built on riverbanks. They are now built along highways. But in the future, they will be built based on availability of optical fiber networks and next-generation infrastructure,” said PM Modi. The changes in IT trends are visible in the country too.

Indian roads may soon get electric cars

Tesla will launch its electric car in India this year. It seems like under the umbrella of PM Modi, technology will see a boost in the country. Tesla is already in talks with the country to bring forth electric cars. Owning a Tesla in India is not more a dream. Latest technology trends involve Tesla cars. The dream is not very far.

When a Twitterati asked when Tesla cars will be available in the country, Tesla made a gigantic announcement saying “hoping for this summer.”

Hyperloop Super traveling to come to India

Hyperloop One has already started preparing tests in Chennai and Bangalore routes. If all goes well, Chennai may be the first place to have Hyperloop travel technology in the country. One can hope that 2017 can be the year when Hyperloop One sets its foot in Asia via India.

Technology in 2017 looks bright. We only wish that it keeps rising. Disruptive technologies seem to have taken a back seat this tar. Let us see where the future of the tech industries goes from here. But one thing is for sure – Artificial Intelligence is surely going to take big leaps from this year and this is just the beginning.

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