Tesla Gigafactory: 10 Things You Need To About It

Wondering what exactly is the deal about Tesla’s Gigafactory? It is a futuristic and smart venture by Elon Musk, and it’s partner companies that will give the world something new and affordable. To know it in detail, check out the top 10 things we have listed about the Tesla Gigafactory –

What exactly is a Gigafactory?

A Gigafactory is a planned power factory. The name ‘Gigafactory’ comes from the fact that it can produce 150 Gigawatt Hours (GWh) of energy by 2020. It started with 35 GWh but by 2017 it aims to produce 105 GWh energy.  Giga-watt is a unit of measurement which is about a million times more powerful than kWh. The Tesla battery will be that powerful.

Electric power Storage Company at Sparks!

Is it a mere coincidence that an electric power company is located in Sparks, Nevada? We think not! It is the world of Elon Musk where legendary stuff is going on. Others may know it as the outskirts of Tahoe, but we will call it Sparks.

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It will dramatically cut the costs of batteries

Once the factory becomes fully operational, (by 2020), the prices of the batteries will reduce by 30 percent. This means the cost of phones and electric operated vehicles will cut down. The pricing has already been added to the Tesla 3 (car). The prices of the new Tesla cars can also come down.

Is it really diamond shaped?

Yes, Tesla Gigafactory is shaped like a baguette cut diamond which points towards true North at all times. The portable solar panels on the roof are easier to point and orientate because of this shape. The shape was designed so that the work overall is simpler and does not require much of movement.

It is so big – it is world’s second largest building (footprint)

It occupies 5.8 million square feet, but the total planned flooring is 13.6 million square feet. Some parts of the building will be divided into four stories – hence the increase in the flooring. This will make it only second to Boeing Everett in footprint.

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Only renewable energy will sustain it

Solar panels are being set up around it. Elon Musk believes in using sustainable energy. Additional panels will be installed atop the hills to get extra power. It will also use geothermal and solar energy. It will also recycle old batteries – everything will be recycled.

6500+ employees and some robots will work here

By the end of 2020, nearly 6500 people will be employed here. (Update: This figure is said to rise by 58%). Also, there will be robots helping up. The robot- human interaction the workspace will be the first of its kind in the Tesla Gigafactory.

It is utterly indestructible!

This gigantic shaped construction is earthquake resistant. It has a modular structure with four different parts. It can flex and withstand any natural disaster. The building of the foundations itself cost around $16 million, so you can imagine the detailing that went to make it resistant to all natural disasters.

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Conference rooms will be named after chemical elements

The meeting rooms have an unusual name – they will be given names like Lithium, Nickel, Aluminum, Cobalt and Silicon. These are all the chemical elements that go into the production of the Tesla batteries.

More Gigafactories will open down the line

“Many auto plants, and many Gigafactories I think are needed,” Musk said at the Baron Investment Conference last year in November. Fun fact – the name of the Gigafactory is Gigafactory 1 – so it is clear that more is to come. Elon Musk said that it will take 5 to 6 Gigafactories to make the entire world energy sustainable.

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