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Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and push in the right direction. The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your image but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.

The story behind the startup:

As the startup ecosystem has been growing leaps and bound with many innovations and ideas shaping up, while disruptions in the markets are happening all around us. It was also observed that there had been ample opportunities for utilizing the right mentors who can become an active support system in nurturing these startups to guide them in the right direction of growth. There have been instances where in spite of the idea being strong, it failed to get the required boost primarily because of the lack of strong execution capabilities. This is where a combination of the experienced and able mentorship coupled with the right execution strategy can turn the tables for the startup. That is how TheMentorpreneurs Inc. was born to handhold these brilliant ideas and assist them to set the sail in the right direction thereby ensuring them grow.

The Idea:

While the founders of The Mentorpreneurs Inc. have been active in the mentoring space for a brief period, helping friends/contacts in their way by connecting them and opening their network and connections to these budding entrepreneurs who used to approach them very often for assistance in their startup idea. It was also observed that many times this didn’t work out because there was no active handholding and mentoring involved as it was done purely in good faith and extended help to these entrepreneurs. Another major challenge was that it didn’t have a long-term approach and often due to communication break things fell apart and several gaps were leading to weak results. That’s when the founders decided to start TheMentorpreneurs Inc., in the year 2015 to create a model in assisting startups in their journey to growth thereby ensuring in adding value to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. TheMentorpreneurs is an entire ecosystem in itself comprising of the startups that can connect with the Mentors, the investor community along with the incubators as well as the allied service providers who are handpicked and carefully selected as trusted partners.

The Problem and Solution:

The Mentorpreneurs Inc. today acts as a trusted mentor and advisor to the startups right from the ideation to the execution stage. We handhold startups in various areas such as Idea Validation, Pitch Deck Validation, Term Sheet, Legal and Compliance, Financial Models, Go to Market Strategy to Investor Connect Funding Assistance(Seed/Series A/ Angel/Venture Capital), etc., to even in areas such as Investor Relationship Management. TheMentorpreneurs also assist these startups to reach out to various events giving them a platform to present their ideas as well as exposure to networking and meeting like-minded entrepreneurs thereby creating B2B opportunities for their business.

Founded Year:

The Mentorpreneurs Inc was established in the year 2015 in Mumbai, the financial capital of India.


The current team size comprises of 3 core founding team members and associate representatives in Pune, Bangalore & Delhi. It currently has five expert mentors on its advisory panel to assist them in their business strategy as well as client engagements. It also has tie-ups with several partners, who are experts in areas such as Finance, Compliance and Legal, crowdfunding platforms, startup story platforms and media tie-ups.

TheMentorpreneurs Inc Team

TheMentorpreneurs Inc Team

Mr. Bhavesh Kothari – Co-Founder and Chief Mentor;

He is a Science Graduate with Chemistry Majors, a Post Graduate Degree in Event Management, and a Diploma in International Trade & an MBA in International Business. Has more than a Decade & a Half years of Rich & Diverse experience at middle and senior management positions across industry verticals such as Pharma & FMCG, Corporate Event Management, Business Information, Business Consulting Services, Cross Border Advisory & Media industry, having worked with startups, mid-sized and large companies, Indian as well as MNC’s. He actively mentors startups in various areas of their business as strategy, business management, funding, etc. He is regularly invited as a speaker at forums/seminars on Entrepreneurship & SME’s across the country. He has authored more than 100 articles for various magazines on varied topics ranging from “Succession Planning,” “Entrepreneurship Journey,” to name a few. LinkedIn  |  Twitter

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Ms. Shraddha Patil – Co-Founder & Chief Mentor;

A Master’s in Business Administration, she has more than ten years of experience in various business life cycle functions like Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Training and Business Consultancy. Realizing the importance and growth of social media marketing and content development, she has diversified her firm “The Success Route” towards content writing, content marketing and social media marketing much earlier than social media marketing gained importance. She has hands on experience in training, learning and development and has successfully conducted many seminars and workshops. Shraddha is a voracious reader and likes to introduce new and radical concepts in social media marketing, content development, training and business consultancy. She is actively involved in mentoring some of the start-ups & mid-sized organizations helping them strategize their growth plans to expand their business. Shraddha has to her credit “Saturday Biz” – a weekly series in Learning and Development Forum, Articles like – 3 I’s – Identify, Interact and Invest, Re-Think to E-Think & Data Collectors to Data Scientists, to name a few.
LinkedIn  |  Twitter

The journey so far:

The journey has been very exciting for TheMentorpreneurs with seven different startup’s in their kitty as their clientele from areas such as Autonomous car technology, Healthcare, Robotics, IOT, B2C, to name a few.


Armed with the able team and active support partners TheMentorpreneurs Inc. have been able to create a niche in the area of startup advisory space with invitation to some of the major Startup events as “Mentoring Partners”, Startup Ecosystem Partners”.

Funding details:

We are currently bootstrapped with initial seed capital infused by both the Founders.

Competitive advantage:

TheMentorpreneurs Inc. is a global platform aggregating the startups to catapult growth and thereby ensuring effective collaboration as well as to connect Startup Entrepreneurs with Trusted Mentors, Angel Investors, Seed Funds, Venture Capitalists, Incubators & Accelerators who are looking for the right mentoring and guidance for their venture. We also assist startup’s in project manage in various areas ranging from legal, compliance, taxation, IP, etc. to name a few.


7 unique startup’s as their clientele from areas such as Autonomous car technology, Healthcare, Robotics, IOT, B2C, to name a few. With over 1000 + followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in a short span of fewer than six months and growing.

Revenue Model:

The current revenue model is a fixed subscription fee coupled with a tollgate based success fees.

Future Plans:

In the next 1 & ½ years, we wish to cover pan India market by setting up of dedicated mentoring hubs.


Automation, Robotics, IoT, Big Data & Analytics, Information Technology, Mobile Application, Health Care, Wearable Technology, Electrical & Electronics, E-Commerce, Aggregator Startups Businesses, Social Entrepreneurship, Gaming, Tourism

Director’s message:

As our logo and punch line says “Let’s Ideate! Innovate!! Elevate!!!” TheMentorpreneurs Inc.’s. Vision is to be a Trusted Name as your partner in progress and grow together thereby adding value to the entire Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

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