The Titan Note Will Change The Way You Take Notes

Yes, taking notes can be tough sometimes, especially when the speaker is far away from you, or speaks fast. Not everyone will consider your pace and speak accordingly. You can try for short hands, but even that would take a lot of effort. Recordings are outdated nowadays. So you can have a look at the Titan Note. This is not just a recorder, but it is a translator that can accurately convert multiple language conversations into text. It can differentiate who is speaking, summarize it and then translate it. You can even share your notes.

Features of Titan Note

You can use Titan Note in class, at work, for meetings, library sessions, public events and even transcribing your thoughts. So here are the features of the Titan notes.

  • You can take notes, differentiate who is speaking, and then summarize them.
  • You will have options of translating notes, edit and share them.
  • You can organize notes, access the notes through Android and iOS App and then translate them quickly.
  • The Titan Note device has got additional facilities like listening to music, charging the mobile phone and the best part is, it is water resistant.
  • The device is a small one, so it fits in your pocket easily. One of the most important features of Titan Note is, the device remains connected to your phone’s Titan Note App. So if you forget or leave the device somewhere, you will immediately get a notification on your phone.
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How does Titan Note work?

To make the Titan Note work, all you have to do is just place the Titan Note on your table during any speech. It will record it, convert it to text and then summarize it for you. Once you use this store, I can assure you that you are not going back to recording or taking notes manually.

You can check the brief summary of the notes any time on your iOS or Android app. The information goes to the Titan Note app. You can play it back and edit it anytime. You can use the device to translate the notes into ten different languages which are English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

The technical specs of Titan Note

The device is just 2.05*1.26 inches, and it weighs 3.55 oz. or 99 Gms. So, it’s pretty lightweight. You have to charge the device for 1.5hours. The Bluetooth smart connection range is 33 feet which is equal to 10 meters. You will get a battery backup of 55 hours when you are recording and a battery backup of 33 hours when you are listening to music at 80% volume.

It has got a power bank of 3800mAh which can offer up to two smartphones. It has 1 USB Type A port. Apart from this, there is additional protection for overcharging, over voltage and over temperature conditions. The speaker comes with 3W audio driver and a passive subwoofer.

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  1. The Create Summary feature of Titan Notes, or a device like it, should allow you to customize the length of the summary. Reduce a 1-hour lecture, for example, to a 5-minute or 1-minute summary, or a 10% or 3% summary. This “should” be possible on a mobile device today, given my experience from IBM 40 years ago, but one should always be skeptical.

    EARLY BEGINNINGS — I first saw this trend at American University in the early 1970s while taking an Information Science graduate course and writing about IBM’s SYNTRAN system. Originally developed for System/360 mainframe computers to create automatic abstracts of manuals with hundreds of pages, this SYNtax TRANslation system used its built-in understanding of English to find what was important in each chapter or paragraph. It could then craft abstracts of 250 or 1,000 words that one would swear was written by a human. That was over 40 years ago!

    PERSONALIZATION — If a system like SYNTRAN could be made to run on an old IBM System/360, then certainly a similar but more powerful system could today run on a notebook PC or smartphone, giving individuals their own ability to parse information from many sources and even publish their own summaries and versions of “news” with whatever spin they want. Such a system, with different parameters, could produce short blog articles, even shorter tweets, or long-format articles and white papers, and be tilted toward conservatism or progressiveness.

    AUTO-MESSAGING — Law firms are already using IBM Watson-style AI systems, instead of focus groups, to select arguments that will resonate best with juries, and marketers are starting to do the same with marketing messages. Political scientists will soon use AI to frame issues, craft platforms, and select campaign slogans That help them influence voters and gain or hold political power.

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